Beautiful books and films to make wonderful life – Madhu Bhaskaran – Tamil inspirational video

Madhu Bhaskaran recommends some inspirational books to read and cinemas to watch during the lockdown days.

1. 7 habits of highly effective people
2. You can win
3. Unlimited Power
4. Who moved my cheese
5. Start with why
6. Rich dad poor dad

1. Pursuit of happiness
2. Rocky 1-6
3. Castaway
4. Goal
5. Miracle
6. Coach Carter
7. Akheelah and the Bee
8. Children of Heaven

1. The Secret
2. The Miracle Man

Madhu Bhaskaran is a well known HRD Trainer and Personal Coach in Kerala. He trained more than one lakh people and coached many CEOs and Celebrities. He authored 3 best sellers in Malayalam. His videos are watched by more than one million people all over the world.

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