Best Inspirational Books To Read – It’s Not What You Think

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Being in the real estate business for years now, you might be wondering what books do I read or what has inspired me to get into the business. In this video, I will let you know what the best inspirational books to read are and what they did to inspire me.

I am here in Venice, Italy to fulfill a long time dream of mine. I have been reading since I was a kid and as I was thinking of all the books that I have read, there are three of them that motivated me and brought me to where I am today!

Let’s start with the third one, this book is written by Timothy Ferriss and it’s called ” The 4-hour workweek “, after reading it I was really moved. This talks all about putting your business on autopilot and making money while you sleep, which is something that I preach and when I read that book I was already doing it, not to the extent that I am today, but I’d already started, I created a lot of passive income streams through my real estate and it was kinda cool to read it because most people think I’m really weird but now at least there’s somebody else out there who has similar ideas and similar fundamentals. Enjoy yourself and put different systems in place so you can get paid while you’re sleeping or traveling or do whatever makes you happy. I started this a long long time ago but the book kind of helped me to ramp it up a little bit inspired me to take that to a higher level and really put as many passive income streams in life as possible.

Now, let me tell you the second best book that I read, this one is from Brendon Burchard ” The Millionaire Messenger ” and I recommend all of his books actually but The Millionaire Messenger was the first one of his books that I read and it talks about taking what’s in your mind and monetizing it and also helping other people, it’s about taking the stuff that you know, putting it out there and helping other people and at the same time monetizing it so you can get paid for your work. If you can help other people and you can get paid for it, why not? That book totally inspired me, that’s the reason why I’m making this video right now, I was afraid to get on video before reading that book and then I realized you know I gotta go and take the stuff that I’ve got that has helped me become very successful in real estate and on entrepreneurship and I want to put it out there and help other people to be successful too, so I owe it a lot to Brendon Burchard.

Now, onto my number one book that inspired me to travel and be who I am today. This book is written by Theo LeSieg or most of you know him as Dr. Seuss.My number one choice is not your ordinary ” How To ” book but it’s a children’s book that moved me to travel around the world and find a job that will help me reach my dream. This book is called ” Come Over To My House ” it was written in 1966 and I was born in 65 and I remember as a kid I used to read that book all the time. The premise of the book is all about kids going over to different kids homes all around the world and seeing how they live and there’s a kid who lives in an igloo, there’s one in Japan, there’s this kid in China, but one of the things that really stuck with me was. I remember seeing Venice and they had pictures of these canals, an illustration of these canals and I was always very curious how in Venice there are no wheeled vehicles, no cars, no trucks, no buses. There are two ways to get around, one is boats like what you see behind me and also there’s a lot of little labyrinths and alleyways and you can walk and get really lost in these alleys but there are no wheeled vehicles and that really got my curiosity. I remember always asking my mother ” Is it true there are no cars? that people get around by boats ” and I just thought it was the most amazing thing and it really inspired me to go see the world.

That’s why I’m always in different parts of the world, I’m always traveling and I’ve got this curiosity to see how other people live and see other cultures and it just kind of lights me up and it inspires me to do bigger things in my business and in my personal life. Seeing that not everybody spends their day fighting traffic to get to a job that they hate, there are different ways of life. People do have different lifestyles and different ways that they get around and live. It really inspired me as a kid and it still inspires me today. The guy is way ahead of his time, very magical, I can’t imagine what this planet would be like if Dr. Seuss never existed.

Best Inspirational Books To Read - It's Not What You Think

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