Best Life Changing & Inspiring Books का निचोड़ | इतनी सरल भाषा में जिसे हर कोई समझ सकता है

Audio Book/Podcast by Praveen Verma

इस podcast को तभी देखें
अगर आप जीवन में आगे बढ़ना चाहते हैं
अगर सफल होने की भूख है , पेट में आग लगी है
The idea of this podcast is to share crux of best selling life changing books -self help , self development books and inspirational personalities (biographies) including successful people from various fields , motivational speakers , spiritual gurus and messages drawn from various seminars , workshops, motivational talks in one podcast
So in nutshell it’s one podcast which can help you in what to read, whom to follow for your self development
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