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By Mark J. Spinicelli

Catching A Miracle is an uplifting and inspirational novel about the will of the human spirit to seek answers to the unanswerable. Prepare to be immersed in this non-stop thriller as a doctor takes on a personal mission to cure cancer on her own terms.

Dr. Shelly White races to find a cure for cancer in a corporate driven world more focused on treating symptoms. After miraculously surviving her own terminal diagnosis of cancer as a child, Dr. White develops a no-excuses-allowed conviction to find a cure. Allying herself with advertising executive Nicholas Harris, Dr. White begins private fundraising to find a cure. However, Dr. White learns that her efforts will be constantly blocked by constant political obstacles.

Soon, Dr. White and Nick Harris discovers that they will need the help of a missing scientist to find a cure, a missing scientist whom the NSA and the CIA has been chasing for decades. Now Nick Harris will turn to the one man who knows how to open doors including the one to the oval office of the President of the United States, Col. John “Hack” Taylor. Dr. White will truly learn whether the world wants to cure Cancer or kill the one man who has the answer.

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