Inspirational Books That Helped My Journey

Hey Loves,
Welcome back to my channel! On todays video I am sharing a few books that were very helpful to my journey. Keep in mind, I read these books about 4 years ago and am explaining what I took/learned from them at that time. As I said in the video, I plan on re-reading them to see what I missed then that could be applied to my journey now. Some of these books do speak of God but not necessarily religion so have an open mind when reading and apply them to your beliefs. I will say, I had a hard time reading them because I didn’t agree with some things but ultimately it helped me build my relationship with God and since then I haven’t and won’t look back! Take from them what you want and create your own path or beliefs.
Let me know if you have read them and what you think.

Books: The ones with asterisks are my favorite and the ones I recommend the most.

1. The Secret-Rhonda Byrne (I also have ‘The Magic’ and plan to read this as well.)***
2. The Untethered Soul-Michael A. Singer***
3. Spirit, Soul and Body-Andrew Wommack***
4. Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill
5. The Magic of Thinking Big-David J. Schwartz
6. The 4 Agreements-Don Miguel Ruiz
7. You Are A Badass-Jen Sincere
8. Girl Boss-Sophia Amoruso
9. The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success-Deepak Chopra (This book is sooo amazing, it gives you 7 principles to be happy and successful in anything. These principles can be applied to every scenario in life.)***

Books I want to read next:

1. The 5 Second Rule-Mel Robbins (I heard this was pretty good and want to check it out.)
2. Next Level Thinking & I Declare-Joel Osteen
3. E Myth-Michael Gerber (business related)
4. Acts of Faith (Daily Meditations)-Iyanla Vanzant

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