inspirational cancer books for patients at no charge!

Inspirational cancer books at no charge to the public. You can get free copies of two inspirational books for cancer patients and caregivers by going to These books are perfect for cancer patients and caregivers and family and friends, as well as medical personnel. Little Book of Hope and Humor is a collection of the most popular affirmations and cartoons and inspirational quotations from The Cancer Crusade that will lift and help heal the heart. Medicine, Marathons and Miracles is the story of how authors Kathy and Roger Cawthon celebrated their survival by completing the grueling 26.2 mile Marine Corps Marathon. This book has an introduction by New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Bernie Siegel, who wrote Love, Medicine and Miracles, one of the premiere books for cancer patients on dealing with cancer. Dr. Siegel has highly recommended these books!
Kathy and Roger Cawthon co-founded The Cancer Crusade as a non-profit foundation dedicated to fighting cancer with hope and humor. Kathy and Roger are both survivors, having been diagnosed just six weeks apart! They are celebrating 20 years as cancer survivors!
Thanks to a generous donation from their sponsor, American Builders of Virginia, there are a limited number of copies of these books available at no charge to the public.
Little Book of Hope and Humor and Medicine, Marathons and Miracles are both in their second printing and have been enjoyed by cancer survivors in 104 different countries around the world.
These books are dedicated to bringing hope and humor to cancer survivors, caregivers, family, friends and medical personnel.
This terrible disease continues to touch 1 out of every 3 Americans and has a profound effect on every member of the family and friends of the survivor.
The web site,, was set up to distribute helpful information that everyone can use.
It also helps to distribute the viral video, The Survivor Movie, that has been seen by more than 30,000 survivors from around the world and has been called “The Most Powerful 3 Minutes On The Internet.”
With books, videos and public appearances, Kathy and Roger have touched the lives of tens of thousands of cancer survivors around the world.
For 10 years Kathy and Roger volunteered for The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life and both served a 2 year term as Chair of that prestigious event.
Please go to and get your free copies of these popular books. Then, please leave a comment below, and share this video with your friends and family.
Also, please go to You Tube and search for Cancer Crusade Survivor Movie and watch the “3 most powerful minutes on the internet.”

Cancer Crusade Survivor Movie

This little cancer movie by Kathy Cawthon has gone viral around the world and has touched the lives of cancer patients and caregivers everywhere! Some have described this video as a “masterpiece.” Some have even called it an epic cancer poem. But all agree it is hopeful and joyful and perfect for patients and caregivers, as well as medical personnel who fight the battle every day.