Inspirational Thought 018 – Hindi (with Punjabi & Hindi subtitles) RSSB

These short video clips in Hindi with Hindi & Punjabi captions are taken mostly from the RSSB books and are intended to give an “inspirational thought” that we can all reflect on.

My Lord,
I am ignorant!
I do not know what to ask of you.
Give me that which you think best for me.
And give me the strength and wisdom
to be happy about
what you deem fit to give me
and about how and
where you keep me.
I have no virtues,
no devotion.
My actions are all
dark and sinful.
I possess no merits
My mind has
thoroughly crushed me.
For a sinner like me, O Lord,
there is no refuge but your blessed feet.
Please take me under your shelter.
I want nothing more.
Make me your slave,
that I may be yours
and you may be mine.

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