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About Manos
Manos Filippou is a passionate “Thought Provoking Motivational Coach and Author (TM)”. His mission is to help people reach their full potential, and find happiness through their goals and dreams. His top priority is to be authentic, and share his knowledge and opinions without holding back.

While Manos admires Tony Robbins, and other well-known motivational speakers and their style, he chooses to take his own very unique approach by provoking people to think on their own, based on the information he is sharing, rather than forcing his opinions on others. He is aware that his topics, his openness, strong language and sometimes silliness creates vulnerability, yet he considers these factors very important in his effort to truly connect, and become approachable to people he doesn’t know, in his effort to coach, share true stories, and above all to provide inspiration and motivation. He believes that since despite his circumstances, he was able to achieve his goals, then anyone can. He truly wants to see others succeed and he hopes that others will find inspiration in his words.

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His motivational book “Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance” is the result of a year’s very hard work, and includes a wealth of practical ideas, motivational quotes and inspirational quotes, and valuable information that will help you come closer to your goal and what is important to you. Watch a presentation of the book by visiting the following link:

Buy NOW Manos’ Motivational Book “Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance”:

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