Move On – One of the Best Inspirational Books of All Times|| By Myra Yadav |A Self-Help Book

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‘Move On’ is not a show that you watch and get entertained for two to three hours. It is an answer of the questions that your life asks you every day. It is an awakening call to elevate and transform your life completely. It’s a reference guide to the people globally how to unleash their potential and realize their dreams. This book comprises 12 thought provoking chapters touching different vital aspects of living a radiant life, a life full of accomplishments and happiness. You have a long and beautiful life ahead. One month, one week, one day, one hour, one minute and one second of a year will not come back again in your entire life. So, you must set a lofty goal of living every second of life in the most wonderful way.The way never ever lived by anyone on this planet. You have the right to live a radiant life and this radiant life will emerge only if you demonstrate the full potential of your mental, physical and spiritual faculties. Obstacles come and go. They only make you stronger. Once these obstacles pass, one by one, they become your experience. They improve your potential to deliver more and better. Undoubtedly, inspite of great hassles life moves on. So, don’t stop!! Move on by following the steps provided in this book. The book is a life-changing book.