MUST READ BOOKS… Malayalam Motivation Books Video .. English also..

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MUST READ BOOKS..Malayalam Motivational and Inspirational Books..English also..

As an entrepreneur, we have been acutely interested in that journey of others who have achieved fame in their own rights, and who have documented those journeys. Now talking about the greats here. The likes of Og Mandino, James Allen or Nepolean hill , all of whose work we have become mildly infatuated with them.

When we think about the greatest inspirational books written for entrepreneurs, I think about people like that. There’s a raw sense of honesty there. Of transparency. It’s the personification of pain and remorse. It’s the documentation of a life’s journeys that wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It encompasses lessons learned. Growth. Honesty and understanding. The epitome of all things good and sounds, nobles and just.

While we all pick up books and read them, especially those of inspirational tales, we don’t always connect with those books on a deeper level. But, our fascination here has been not just with books about business, but books about the so-called inner games. It’s the fundamentals of having an astute mind, building the character and of understanding how to deliver real value in the world.

Albert Einstein once said that you should strive not to be a success, but rather to be of values.
That’s the core concept we will find at the heart of most of these inspirational books. We each strive to deliver value by sharing deep insights into life and business, of helping to unlock doors and bridge the divide in that separates our dreams from our reality. They encompass the bigger picture rather than any smaller parts. For example, authors on this list like Og Mandino won’t show you how to incorporate your business, but he will teach you the underlying tenets that are crucial for the entrepreneur to attain success at the highest levels.

The word best can be careless too. It’s often subjective. But, there are metrics that help us to gauge the results. Things like the numbers and authenticity of reviews, to the numbers of copies sold, awards won and the overall impact of a book can certainly help us gauge which ones would be the most inspirational and motivational to read.However, as subjective as it might be sound to refer to the best inspirational books ever, the truth is that many are looking for that proverbial light bulb to go if in their heads. We’re too often stricken by emotion like fear and anxiety and stress, that we find it hard to stay focused. We digress and veer off on tangents and are plagued with numerous fears and disturbances . I selected these books because they come from the heart and apply full circle toward the underlying concept of success and happiness , no matter what field we might be in. Read them. Study them.