Secret Revelation from Beyond- Inspirational Books of Life Lessons Book 1 Book Trailer

The following video is the official book trailer for SECRET REVELATION FROM BEYOND from the Inspirational Books of Life Lessons series by H.B. Barstrum.

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Story Synopsis:

If you knew that a simple, unassuming object could change the course of your life forever

What would you do? Take a chance and see what happens, or would you let “sleeping dogs” lie?

This is the challenge that young Josiah Longfellow must face in Secret Revelation From Beyond, the first book in the inspirational short story series Inspirational Books of Life Lessons.

In this powerful thought-provoking religious fiction tale, Josiah is an ambitious young man willing to prove his worth in the world in just about anyway possible. However when a mysterious object comes into his life, Josiah’s curiosity leads him down a path of no return which threatens to demolish the core foundation of his beliefs.

What will Josiah discover? What will he do with his secret discovery? And is he ready to handle the consequence of his actions?

Secret Revelation From Beyond is a simple, touching work of Christian fiction that challenges the reader to break down the destructive effects of outdated beliefs and walk out of their comfort zone. A must read for fans of thought-provoking and inspirational stories.

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