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If you’re new, this is my self-development YouTube channel where I help Asian American Millennial men with success tips I have learned from studying thousands successful people and reading hundreds books.

About me and my story:
What do I want? I want to live an abundant life doing what I love with strong relationships with resilient happiness free of material validation.
Why do I want it? I have lived a mediocre life as a typical Asian American. I want to live an interesting life that I am guiding because the mundane is all I’ve known.
What will happen if I don’t get it? At first, I thought I would be unhappy and hopeless if I never get the life I want. Over time, I realized that I can be independently happy NOW even if I never get it. I still get moments where I beat myself up because I am sick of a mediocre lifestyle, but I am more focused on trying my best at all times to pursue my goals because that’s all I can do, and I will be fulfilled because of it.
What are the obstacles? The world giving few signs of results so far. Dating and Career are showing tiny signs of improvement and lots of setbacks. But what do you expect as a young Asian in the U.S. starting out with little connections, experience, and a lot of time? My main asset is my time, initiative, hard work, perseverance, patience, and investment in knowledge.

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