Top 11 Books to Read in 2020 [Inspirational Books To Change Your Life!]

Here are my top 11 books to read in 2020!
Be inspired and grow as a Christian with these best books for self improvement and make each day your best!

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Need ideas on books to read this summer? These best books to read in 2020 are here for a reason – to inspire, motivate, and help you keep growing as a Christian.
This year – similar to past years yet with more fire – we need to know how to hear the voice of the Lord – how to be victorious in battles – How to be tenacious in our health and how to enjoy cooking healthy foods.
Let these best books to read in 2020 help you get armed, nourished, healthy, and on mission!
Best Books for Self Improvement: Books to Read Summer 2020
1. Tony Evans – Victory in Spiritual Warfare: Outfitting Yourself for the Battle
One of the devil’s main tricks is to cause you to miss the goodness of God. Like he did with Eve in the garden, Satan wants to get you to question the value of all of the trees that God did provide by getting you to focus on the one tree He has said to avoid. Satan wants you to complain about what you don’t have because in focusing on what you don’t have, you will lose sight of what God has given you.

2. Carol Graham – Praying for Miracles
Do you know how to pray for miracles?
Through this course, Carol Graham, author and speaker will present real-life stories to illustrate the powerful way in which God showcases His miracles.

3. Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study
This treasure hunt takes you from Genesis to Revelation and uncover all references to food – God’s design of you and His goodness.

4. Dallas Willard – Renovation of the Heart
This fresh approach to spiritual growth explains the biblical reasons why Christians need to undergo a change in 6 aspects of life: thought, feeling, will, body, social context, and soul.

5. Dallas Willard -Hearing God –
This is another one of my favorite books to read in 2020 from Dallas Willard that has been a slow read so that I can let each word – work into my mind and then study in God’s Word.

6. Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers –
One of the best books for self improvement, this is a story of Hosea and Gomer. She draws you in from the first word and keeps you turning pages quickly to follow the story. Stories take place in Biblical times and yet she makes you feel like you are int eh middle of the plot.

7. Spice for Life – Dr. Ed Nauman and Shiela Moorthy –
From cinnamon to basil – did you know there is a holy basil – that many religions and cult s actually worship – yet the medicinal benefits make it high on my list of spices to enjoy while cooking or making tea.

8. Beautiful Warrior – Tina Yeager
Definitely one of the best books to read to inspire and motivate you to be the beautiful spiritual warrior that you are!

9. Instant Pot for Mediterranean cooking:
If you want to know how to cook with an Instant pot or are a novice this is a great book to read. I love Mediterranean cooking and trying new recipes.

10. Discerning the Voice of God – Priscilla Schirer
You may notice a theme for this year’s reading list. We live in a noisy world – online and in our mind. This is why 4 of my top 10 books to read are about hearing the voice of God and building that relationship.

11. Then Sings My Soul – Robert Morgan –
This book takes 150 of the greatest hymns and shares a devotion and history with each one. Your heart will be humming all day long as you uncover many treasured truths behind the story of these great hymns.