Learn How To Overcome Obstacles | Inspirational Story | Life Lesson and Motivation against obstacles

Inspirational Story about a little girl and a fly | Life Lesson and Motivation against obstacles

A lovely inspirational little story depicting obstacles and barriers in our lives and how we can get around it.

Today, I would like to discuss “change”. Just typing the word causes a bit of anxiety in my system and I think this does for so many of you as well.

Firstly, let us define what change is. There are a few meanings but the one that we are applying here is the following:

“To make the form, nature, content, future course etc. of something, different from what it is”

Change can be a scary and an exciting experience, but for most of us, it is more scary than exciting. I personally suffer from anxiety quite a bit and I started doing something which although pretty simple, I find very helpful.

I start asking myself questions until the situation or thing causing me anxiety disappears. For example, I start stressing myself to pieces about an upcoming exam. I then stop, take a deep breath and ask myself “Why are you stressing about the exam?” and I need to provide myself with an answer so I say for example, “because I might fail”. I then proceed to ask myself another question once answering that one. “Why do you think that you would fail?” I then answer myself again, “because I don’t know the answers”. I then proceed by saying, “okay, so what can we do about that? What will help you to know the answers?” I then answer again by saying, if I cover the content and I am well prepared”. I will continue in this manner until I come up with a final answer and a solution to completely dissolving the anxiety which in this case was creating a study plan, following it and being confident. The anxiety then almost completely disappears. Anxiety pops up a lot in situations where change is occurring and I believe it is because we fear the unknown. We don’t know what to expect and that can be frightening.

Today, I would like to encourage you to embrace change. Like so many other things, change is part of life and it can be a very good thing. We almost immediately think of change as something bad. I like to think of change as a win-win situation. If the situation turns out bad, we grow so much from it on an emotional level and we become mentally strong. If the situation turns out good, then it is a bonus!

Change usually doesn’t happen for most of us unless we are in a situation that forces the change. Sometimes, something we perceive as bad happens and it leaves us with no choice. We fail at something, we lose our job, lose a loved one and life forces us into a different direction. It leaves us feeling utterly devastated, but this is life giving us the tools we need to improve, to grow and to shift into a better place in our lives.

I sincerely hope that you found this article helpful.

The video above is a lovely little story which I I believe you will enjoy.

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