‘Life Changing Lesson’ by Kartik Shah; Motivational/ inspirational video in Hindi

This 10 min. video will certainly change your thought process.
What is self integrity?
How to maintain our purity and positive energy high?
What is the first & foremost commitment one should have to live life in a most powerful way!
These basic questions and awareness transforms something inside our mind.
Here I am sharing something very very precious and intimate. some life transforming learning which I can not forget in life..

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The speaker Kartik Shah renowned author and loved globally as an Art of living faculty, touching hearts with his simplicity and deeper sense of knowledge about self and surroundings, here shares some of the deepest secrets of life.

Here he is sharing his amazing exploration about life.. Knowledge points, his course & work-shop points through his Video-Blog.. We are sure his session of simple knowledge will help you.. Please share this videos to your friends and subscribe this channel to be connected!

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Kartik Shah – Life King Size