Success Story – Shahrukh Khan : Real Life Inspirational and Motivational Video in Hindi

An Instant Motivational Video with a Powerful Message from life of Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan. Let’s take a learning from this successful Indian personality on how to convert your weakness intro strength. This Hindi Motivational Video based on Shahrukh Khan’s interview talks about one of the success mantra which King Khan believes has been a crucial factor to his success. This One Minute Motivation by Himeesh Madaan is to inspire you and empower you to learn a lesson of Success from Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan. Following is the transcript of this Shahrukh Khan Inspirational Video.

Shahrukh Khan’s father died when he was 15 years old and his mother died when he was 25 years old. Because of death of mother and father in early age, his sister was also not able to keep good health. This all was very disturbing for Shahrukh Khan. Death of parents at young age and sister unable to keep good health is something which can lead to depression for life. In one of the recent Shahrukh Khan’s interview he mentioned that ‘The only cure I had to sadness was to keep on working’. He did not want to waste his life is being sad or depressed, so he started working harder and concentrated on his career. This unstoppable hard work, unbeatable commitment, positive attitude made him super successful Bollywood actor and super star Shahrukh Khan. Instead of ruining his life with depression and poverty, he converted his weakness into strength. We all face problems in life, we all deal with troubles, we all get challenges, but some of us get depressed from them and some of us use them as ladder to success. My motivational message from Shahrukh Khan’s Life in this inspirational video is that sometimes the biggest weakness of life can become your biggest reason for success in life.

Today Life of Shahrukh Khan is a dream for many Success aspirants. If you go deep in shahrukh khan life story, a positive attitude is always evident, be it in shahrukh khan love story with gauri or you can watch any of his latest interview. Once I was watching Shahrukh Khan Life documentary where I was able to getr many motivational message for success in life. He has actually worked hard in all his movies, songs and over all acting career. Today Shahrukh Khan’s house is one of the important checkout point for mumbai visitors. His relations are also admired, shahrukh khan with his family, with cricketers or with other stars like Salman khan, Honey Singh. He has always tried to maintain positive relations. This inspirational personality’s life is full of motivational messages which can help us for success in life. You can also search for Shahrukh Khan motivational speech or inspirational speech to hear few of his life lessons in his words. Shahrukh Khan real life story is actually inspiring many indians who used to think that only sons of bollywood actors can get break in indian film industry. Be it romantic songs or romantic scenes, funny punches or comedy scenes, he has always delivered his best in his movies. His interviews are also worth a watch, you can check out his interview in Comedy Nights with Kapil and Koffee with Karan. His performances also entertain a lot, you can search for iifa awards, zee cine awards or filmfare awards.

Our purpose of this Shahrukh Khan motivational video is to bring some life changing messages from life of inspirational indians to inspire you and empower to achieve success in life. We wish all the best to Shahrukh Khan for his upcoming movies is 2014 which are Don 3 and Happy New. Shahrukh Khan songs and movies are always worth waiting for Indian audiences.

We will keep posting inspirational and motivational video for life to assist you with powerful messages to keep you inspired and motivated. Please feel free to give your suggestions, comments or feedback regarding this Shahrukh Khan motivation video or other motivational videos for Success.

So remember, you convert your weakness intro strength with your positive thinking attitude. Do not get sad in problems of life, face them, accept them, and deal with the, Learn lessons from life and win every battle. Dont waste time in depression, concentrate on your future and make your life worth living. We wish you all the Best in your life journey of success.

Keep moving.. Stay inspired..!

Himesh Madan
India Motivational Speaker