10 Shoe Storage Project Ideas For Limited Space

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10. Under Staircase Storage
One of the best ways to optimize a house with limited space is by using up all of the available space including the most awkward one like under the staircase.

09. Wooden Crate Inspiration
A good shoe storage is supposed to help you eradicate clutter, not burn a hole in your wallet.

8. Staircase Drawers
This idea is everywhere. When it comes to small spaces, investing in multifunctional furniture is your biggest bet, just like these staircase drawers.

7. Hidden Storage Rack
If you are addicted to collecting shoes, you might not be able to restrain yourself from buying new shoes, especially if they are on sale.

6. Cheap Shoe Storage Rack Idea
Carpentry stuff is not your cup of tea? Don’t fret! There are a lot of amazing ideas for your shoe storage even if you are a complete novice in DIY or furniture hacking.

5. Wall-Mounted Shoe Racks from HGTV

One of the unconventional ways to make a small room look bigger and feel less confined is by making everything float.

4. Upcycling Wooden Thread Rack
If you have a wooden thread rack that you don’t use any longer, now it’s time for you to take it from your dusty attic or garage because you are going to up-cycle it.

3. Rotating Shoe Rack
This shoe rack will make your closet look more stunning.

2. Simple wire hack Shoe Hangers
Anything that keeps your shoes off the ground can always give more floor space which will make the room appear to be visually bigger and tidier.

1. Slip Them in A Bar
Last effortless idea to store your shoes ─ slip them in a bar. You only need to find a stainless steel bar, and cut some of the sides.

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