20 Crazy Clever Uses For Cheap Tension Rods

20 Crazy Clever Uses For Cheap Tension Rods
1. A standard IKEA shelf, bracketed by two levels of tension rods on both sides, offers all sorts of storage or organization options!

2. hanging from clips on a tension rod above a desk.

3. Hiding clutter behind these clever bookcase shades is such a smart idea, not to mention very appealing to look at! Another idea I’m going to give a go.

4. Hang a valance from a tension rod to create a makeshift dust ruffle for your bed.

5. A tension rod under the kitchen table (or a small art table) to hold a roll of art paper.

6. This picture shows you don’t have to have really deep kitchen drawers to benefit from the organizational benefits of tension rods.

7. A super simple herb garden using a tension rod and some IKEA buckets and clips.

8. The area between two standard IKEA shelf units is spanned with curtains on a tension rod to create a little “stage” for all those pint-sized productions!

9. DIY gift wrap organization for the price of a few tension rods! One tension rod high, one low for paper rolls.

10. There are lot of ways to use tension rods to organize your pots, pans, baking dishes and cookies sheets, but this is probably my favorite and one I’ve been using for a long time.

11. And this quilter also uses tension rods for gift wrapping and sewing purposes.

12. Another organizing match made in heaven. tension rods and wrapping paper.

Gift Wrap Organization & Storage

13. Add curtains to the table and hang them between the table legs using tension rods.

14. If you have a considerable collection of shoes, you’re probably pretty proud of them — so why not hang them up as art!

15. Great use of a space that would normally be completely wasted.

16. in addition to being useful, these tension rods also help add beauty and functionality to a room!

17. Tension rods as inexpensive pet gates!

18. A tension rod installed in the back of my spice cupboard to elevate the small bottles and cans so I can actually see everything I have.

19. Turn your kitchen into a charming “outdoor cafe” by adding this simple “awning.

20. Store paper towel holder out of sight while keeping it easily accessible with a tension rod under the sink or under a cabinet.