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A Great Home Design Factors In Management And Planning For Perfection

When considering home design, there are a whole load of options and things to look at and so it definitely is not an easy task. Unfortunately, if not well planned, then there are certain factors which get overlooked and only make themselves known once everything is settled. Therefore, re-working on plans and a certain amount of foresight is essential to execute a good home design. Factors like ventilation contribute in making a house more airy and open to the sun but may not strike one at first glance and so, home design is a task of constant re-works before you can actually get started.

The constant re-work factor makes it important to have a rough checklist of what factors should be taken into consideration when designing your home to prevent something from being overlooked. Management and planning are the only ways you can get the design executed to perfection without any regrets. Therefore, a good idea of factors to be kept in mind when considering home design will serve as pointers if nothing more.

• Sun savvy

Holding onto the heat of the sun will keep your home in good condition as well as lower heating costs. Insulation should be installed and also airlocks in entryways. Consider the underfloor heating system that matches your floor requirements and check on double glaze insulation frames.

• Placement and direction

For a home that is warm and filled with sunshine, it should be preferably north facing with sufficient shelter from winds. Too many trees aren’t a good idea as they will make the house too gloomy within. Instead keep to smart landscaping so that the few trees that you have can help keep your home cool but not without sunlight.
Try not to keep the house size too large as it should be sufficient for the family members and a guest or two. A mini-mansion is extravagant. A larger house won’t only cost more but will be tougher to maintain and keep warm and cozy. In order to minimize heat loss and also fashion a home design low on energy bills, simple house shapes are preferable like the generally favored compact square shapes.This is important as the more ceiling, floor and wall area a house has, the more chances there are of heat loss which means higher energy bills. A good home design is not only about style and practicality but economy as well.

• Windows and ventilation

North facing windows grab more of sunlight and can also keep the home filled with fresh air. Try positioning the most used rooms like the family room or living room along the north side of the house. Concrete floors are advisable in these rooms for natural floor heating. Besides, industrial is also one of the many faces of modern house trends making sure there won’t be any style drawbacks either.
The north side should have comparatively larger windows; like casement windows while the smallest should be on the south side. The east and west can have windows slightly smaller than those on the northern side.Air quality is crucial and so ventilation deserves attention especially as it helps reduce moisture and the resultant mildew and mold that can otherwise form. Good ventilation helps keep the home dry and cool. Cross ventilation shouldn’t be neglected and if needed ventilation system can be installed but nothing beats doors and windows placed right.

Making A Home Beautiful With Exquisite Tapestries

When thinking of decorating a new home, many home owners follow standard decorating rules. Neutrals for walls and furniture, rugs on the floor, and pictures on the walls. Even when upgrading outdated furnishings or creating a more upscale home, decorators tend to gravitate toward paintings and other artwork to create a well finished home. While this provides a wonderful foundation, why not consider a more unique approach? Artwork means more than paintings on a canvas. If you are interested in creating a lovely living space, why not consider a unique European tapestry for your home?

When you think of tapestries, you might picture a musty, faded piece of fabric hanging in a museum. The truth is that there a many beautiful patterns available from contemporary weavers. Modern, abstract patterns are available along with the complex pictorial scenes depicting stories and myths. If you are a history buff, why not add a tapestry picturing your favorite time period? Maybe Medieval France or Renaissance Italy. This can lend a dash of charm and whimsy. Perhaps you are in to bold, abstract patterns. A wall hanging can be a lovely statement piece to hang behind a sofa or in an entryway.

Textiles are used in many ways to spruce up a house. From the obvious items of couches and drapes to tiny details like cloth napkins, textiles have always symbolized comfort in the home. Consider coordinating a large statement tapestry with the textiles you already have in your living room or bedroom. A beautiful pattern on the wall can make a room look warm and inviting. This is even more effective when the tapestry brings out colors that are already incorporated into your décor. A minor blue flower in a bedspread can be coupled with a tapestry in a lovely blue geometric pattern to create a coordinated and harmonious atmosphere.

Another way to decorate with tapestries is to consider smaller pieces group together or interspersed throughout the room. It is true that in the Middle Ages tapestries were used to hang over drafty walls to help insulate the buildings, but in modern times we don’t have to limit our choices to massive, heavy pieces of insulating cloth. Why not consider a few smaller pieces? These can be grouped in a square or diamond shape, or perhaps in a straight line along a stairwell. Or, if you are new to decorating, you could try one small tapestry to see the effect on your décor.

Whatever your style, a wall hanging can be a novel addition to your decorating scheme. The next time you are considering a complete redecorating of your home or even a small facelift, do not forget to consider one of the many beautiful European tapestries on the market.

7 Awesome Ideas For Your Basement

Are you fed up with that old and wasted basement of yours? If yes, then there is an amazing opportunity to convert that unused basement into an interesting place. You can use various basement design tricks as per your imagination and creativity. The better the ideas are, the more amazing your basement will turn up!

Here are seven awesome basement ideas for you that can make your rustic and old basement a new, practical and exciting one.

1. Basement Home Cinema Theater: Sounds awkward! Yes, it might sound a bit spooky initially, but trust me on this, as it is the most awesome basement idea. With the availability of reasonable LCD TVs today, you can get one for yourself within your budget. Further, set up some great speakers to have the best movie watching experience ever. No more spending on movie tickets now!
2. Basement Exercise Room: Treadmills, elliptical machines and exercise cycles are common in almost every home today. So why not take all these to your basement and there are you are in your all-new and private gym.
3. Basement Workshop: If there is adequate door space and lighting in your home to move stuffs out and in, then basement workshop is the trick for you. Imagine working in the basement during extremely cold weathers. It is definitely great than working in your cold garage.
4. Basement Bar: If your house lacks enough space upstairs for entertainment purposes, then consider moving your party downstairs. This is truly a great basement idea for small homes. You can bring in some kitchen stuffs and a few furniture pieces to make your own basement bar.
5. Basement Office: Many individuals these days work from home and most of them tend to create a mess of their bedrooms or living rooms while working from home. If you too are indulged in some work from home job, then de-clutter your bedroom or living room from all the office stuffs and move them downstairs to your basement. It is a good way to separate work and play. Most importantly, you get a peaceful and serene place to work in.
6. Baseball Game Zone: Bring in ping-pong or pool table or some other games to have some fun time with your friends and family downstairs. Introduction of a pinball machine to your basement is sure to supplement the ambience of your basement game zone.
7. Guest Bedroom: You can turn the basement into a guest bedroom and create some more space upstairs. This will turn out awesome if there is a shower and bathroom in your basement. So, think about it.

These are just a few basement ideas, as there are plenty of them as long as you can play with your imagination.

Elegant And Innovative Decor Ideas For Defining Fireplaces

When it comes to interesting and functional home décor, a fireplace has a special spot. This is not only because fireplaces are always in style but also they have an old world charm which somehow manages to blend in effortless with the modernity surrounding them. A cosy evening by the fireplace is way better than a radiator. However, there are ways to ensure that the fireplace adds to the décor and not just sits as a silent observer to the efforts around. When it comes to the mood making factor, what can be a heartier welcome than ushering in your guests to a warm room where a cheerful and friendly fire is lit?
If you already have a fireplace, don’t let it stand neglected, instead make it contribute to more than just giving warmth. Fireplace décor ideas aren’t difficult or expensive to implement. All they need is a touch of innovativeness and attention to a few minor details. By a few minor tweaks you can have a fabulous fireplace and a room that is definitely indebted to it as far as style quotient goes.

True elegance

For a perfectly luxurious and elegant look, nothing beats a black slate fireplace which really adds a touch of class to the whole effect. A fluffy red rug and shiny leather black seating can help add to the bold appeal. A wooden mantle can bring in a tone of romance and above the fireplace some artwork in embroidery or mirror work can be hung. You can adorn the mantle for a mysterious and glamorous look by adding a row of small lit tea light scones that will look like a series of twinkling lights perfect for any special evening.

Shimmer and shine

Make the fireplace a focal point of your room using iridescent glass tiles of mosaic. This will appear even better if the fireplace has a glass screen cover. Instead of merely putting up some artwork on the empty space above the fireplace, mount a TV for a contrasting look.

Stony but not silent

Stone fireplaces are impressive and eye-catching. Who needs a mantle if the stone can reach all the way up to the ceiling? This really suits a laid back to rustic look and is without fuss or overt display. In fact, with a mix of differently colored stones, you can land up with some really interesting patterns.

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