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I am burning a fall candle because I feel like it is almost fall I’m really embracing the fall odds right now it is currently like august 23rd or something let me actually look oh it’s a 29th I’m just kidding I did not know what date it was its august 29th right now and I’m coming at you guys today with

Seven really fun diy projects perfect

For your home perfect for your room Perfect for whatever space you hop what I do

Apartment a bedroom living room kitchen Bathroom and it has been taking up so Much of my time so I thought it was just Gonne be a nice little filler for you Guys that still is a great quality Content but didn’t require me to you

Where I need to go to IKEA and do this Not because this is hard to make over That I’m doing is literally going to be A crazy it’s going to be three parts and Get ready for I think you guys going to Super excited buff along little preface

Super minimal all I’m going to be using as Some cement some mod podgy a wooden Tissue box holder and a paintbrush so I’m starting off by taking my mod podgy And I’m actually going to be mixing at The cement powder with the mod podgy and  This cement powder is super affordable At any hardware store home depot  Wherever it might be it can be just Quite heavy when you buy it in a bag and I’m mixing it up to create almost it’s Like glue like cement texture and I’m  Just using this very coarse brush to Paint it on the outside of a wooden  Tissue box holder this one is from Michael’s you can find them really Anywhere and they’re only a couple of  Dollars I’m in the raw wood section at Your craft store so I just give us a Nice coating you could also do it with Water but I just felt like the mod podgy Created a nice sticking element so I was Able to really layer up the concrete on The outside and let it dry in between Each layer to create a perfect cement

Tissue Box

Next up we’re just going to be using a bowl Some macramé hoarding and a pair of Scissors to create a macramé planter out  Of a bowl this is a project that I Featured on my channel before but it’s An oldie but a goodie so I figured why Not reassure it with you guys this one Is really great so I started off with Eight six-foot strands of the macramé Cord and I tied them in a knot at the Bottom and then separated them into two Strand sections almost in a plus sign And then what I’m doing is creating a First set of square knots in all of These strand sections so in one strand Section I’m doing a square knot and a Square knot is right over left over Right and I’m doing this about two and a Half three inches from our initial knot That we created to attach all the Cording and then at using the Neighboring strands I’m creating another Square knot about the same distance away  About two inches away and as you can see Here this is where it comes in with my Little saying it’s pretty Self-explanatory if you see what I’m Doing but you kind of have to watch what I’m doing and then you can place your Bowl on top and see exactly how many More knots you need to do so it actually Created an another set of knots with the Neighboring strands about seven inches From the initial ones this is just going To cradle that bowl a little bit nicer, And then I wanted to add a bit more of a

Decorative Element

so all you have to do To create this decorative element is Repeat the square knot so you’re going to Go right over left over right Over left over right and it’s going to Create this nice little macramé section I’m going to all four strands and when You’re completely done you can actually Tie all of the strands together at the Top and a knot and there is your planter This next project is a super cute way to Display your Polaroid’s or pictures I’m Just using some clay at some gold leaf And a paintbrush so this is the fame Soft clay which is just a nice soft Malleable clay to work with from the Craft store and I’m starting to by Taking about a quarter of the chunk of Clay and I’m just massaging it in my Fingers and I like to work with clay on Top of wax paper or parchment paper just So it doesn’t stick and I’m kind of

Creating a Pyramid Shape

I’m just Shaping this with my fingers you can Actually use whatever you’d like and I’m  Using a small piece of dental floss to Actually create the incision at down the Middle of this piece which is going to Be the slot but you can insert your Photo or whatever you want to put in There I’m actually created another one As well with a slot on the side so you Can really just kind of get creative With where you want to put those or These shapes that you want to create and

Next I Use a Small Piece of Black Clay

And I marbled in a bit of white so all You have to do for this is just kind of Marble in it the section and you’re just Gonne do that by mixing around the clay  Twisting it in circles you’re not going to  Want to over mix it because you can Actually mix the colors completely Together but I’m you’re going to want to Mix it to where you can really see that Nice white marbling and then again use Your dental floss to create the slit you  Can also use a piece of thread whatever You have handy and then just bake your Actual clay to the temperature on the Packaging each clay is different so just Make sure to check what the temperature Is and once they are completely done Baking all you have to do is decorate  Them for some of them I just taped them Off and added a bit of gold paint to the Outside edges and then I finish them off With a nice coat of glossy mod podgy

Quirked Fast-setting

At concrete mix only legit like five to Ten dollars at the hardware store and I’m scooping some of it out and then I’m Going to be mixing it with a good amount Of water you kind of have to eyeball it To create a nice consistency of a Concrete to water ratio and then what I’m doing is I’m pouring it into a foam Cup I just find that the foam cup was a Great way to get a nice clean finish on The concrete and I’m pressing inside of It a little shot glass one of those Little solo shot glasses because I want An area for a tea light to go so as you  Press these little cups in it’s actually Going to need to have some weight on the Inside of the cup because it’s going to Want to actually pop back out so I left These outside to dry and then once they Were completely dry you can remove that Inside solo cup and then you can cut Away the outside foam cup and I just Found this to be the easiest way to Actually create these and they legit Look like they cost so much in the end But they were actually super Affordable and easy to create I went in With a bit of sandpaper to sand down any Rough or harsh edges and then I also did Do a little bit of painting I used some Painters tape to create a nice little Like silver chrome effect on these I Love the way they turned out but you can Also do this with a color you can do it With a white or a cream to create kind  Of a farmhouse vibe whatever you want to

Go for but these are your finished off

Little Tea Light Holders

Oh okay now we’re getting into a bit of Woodworking and typically I would leave This to Rachel mats but I guess two and A half years ago I decided I wanted to Do it myself I was feeling ambitious and It’s also so weird you guys to see Myself without tattoos like look at Myself I was a little pure innocent Child and now I am just I mean I guess I Am still parenting cent anyways I’m Starting off by taking at the longer Sections of the wood which are four foot Long sections I had two of them and I’m Just going to be creating two sections On these wood pieces where I want to add The shelves so I’m marking those spots And I’m pre hammering in the nails Typically you probably would want to use Screws for this but back in the day I Don’t think I had a screw driver so I Actually just used nails and I’m nailing These two 16 inch pieces of wood and by The way guys these are a 1 by 4 piece of Wood if you are curious um I think They’re like a piece of pine or Something but I’m just creating a Leaning shelf that was super Affordable to recreate um it’s just Gonne hold some minimal items on there So does have to be to secure I feel like That wasn’t the best voiceover but I  Think you guys kind of got the idea I Just hammered the shelves in there Clearly I loved concrete but this Project actually turned out amazing I Still own this to this day so what I’m Starting off with is I’m mixing up some Concrete mix in a bucket just same as we Created those tea light holders earlier To create a nice consistency and I’m Actually pouring it into like a Quaker Oats container we’re not even quite Curtis is an off-brand oat container but It worked perfectly so what I’m doing is I’m putting inside this paper Mache cone Which I got at Michaels I’m not sure What it’s meant for about once that it’s Completely dry you can cut away this Cardboard element and you can really use Anything to a mold concrete as long as It is easily being able to be cut away You don’t want to use like a hard plastic Or something because you’re not going to be Able to get it out and once you’re done It this is going to be creating a bottom Heavy cement holder to display your Jewelry on

Decor Literally the Photos

Project comes up absolutely everywhere It’s crazy and it’s simple so all I had To do was I got three different dollar  Tree little vases and I cut off a little Bit of hemp cording wrapped it around The neck of the jar and multiple times  And then also left a long tail which I Then created a loop for hangings this is Kind of what it looks like you just wrap It around the neck of the jar a couple Of times to kind of give it a rustic Look tie off the excess and then I liked To stagger the lengths of the actual String that’s going to hold this to the Wall so I did it to three different Bases of different sizes but you’re Gonne want to make sure that you’re kind Of glass vase has a lip on it and then You can go ahead and stagger them on the Wall as shown here you can input your Plants I just use some faux ones for This projects super cute you can Put them in there and change them out Whenever you please and that finishes Off your little wall hanging Sighs well cops the sound of you


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