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An Easy DIY Bathroom Renovation Tips

There are many projects in your home that you can do on your own to save money you would otherwise spend on a professional. Bathroom renovations are a good idea when you want to learn more about do it yourself projects. These rooms are smaller and most of the work can be done on your own. Many people think that renovation is too difficult, but the truth is that there are many parts that can be easy to do yourself with the right information. There are a few things that can help you through the whole renovation.

Planning your renovation thoroughly, from start to finish, is crucial. Every choice should be planned. Every step should be detailed, not just with the installation but also in the demolition. A proper plan allows you to closely monitor the progress of the renovation. Plan your design first. Then, you will need to create individual plans for each separate part of the renovation. Have one plan for the bathtub, one plan for the toilet, one plan for the vanity, and so on, completing the whole plan with finishing touches like painting.

If you are on a limited budget, you are probably looking for ways to cut costs and save money. One way to accomplish this is to do as much of the renovation work as you can yourself. Think about your level of experience and keep in mind that some parts won’t be suitable for you. Things dealing with electrical aspects and advanced plumbing should only be done by a licensed professional. There are certain regulations that will have to be followed.

The materials that you choose will have a large role in your renovation. Many people only choose materials based on their color and style. There’s more to choosing the materials that you use. It is important to make sure that you are getting the right materials while still being able to achieve the results you desire, and you can do this by keeping a few things in mind to help you choose your materials.

First, you choose your materials based on how they are made and how sturdy they will be. The quality should come first and then you can choose the style and color you desire. Examine all materials closely; look for faulty materials or poor construction. The idea is to choose materials that will not fall apart in a short time period.

The safety of you and your family is more important than the extravagant or tranquil look you are after. Choose materials that will not cause anyone to get hurt. Watch for slick flooring and sharp edges. Think about the material and where it will be used.

Upkeep and maintenance is your final consideration. How difficult will it be to fix? Will you have to constantly clean it? How easy will cleaning be? You should be able to easily maintain and clean the materials without help. The idea is to have the time to enjoy your renovation.

A renovation may be just what your tired and outdated bathroom needs to get a fresh look. It is important to make sure that you do not try to take it all on by yourself. Although doing a lot yourself can save you money, there’s going to be times when you’ll need to bring in a professional for help, especially in situations that need proper installation for code requirements.

What kind Of Shower Curtain is best used in the Bathroom?

If you would like some guidelines on the ideal shower curtain to try in your bathroom then you’ll want to read through this article. Mainly we’ll be referring to the different kinds of shower curtains on the market and where these can be purchased from. When you finish looking through the following article you should have a better idea about the kind of shower curtain to install in the bathroom that will suit your taste and price range.

Along with the many shower curtains available nowadays, the task of finding one to suit your bathroom becomes a little mind-boggling. There’s such a wide variety to choose from. You’ve got a variety of patterns and styles, as well as the material they are manufactured from; usually nylon, plastic or fabric, and each one of these have their good points.

Nylon shower curtains are very widely used at the moment. They are lightweight and affordable. They come offered in a variety of prints and designs that would suit the vast majority of bathroom decors and are fairly easy to keep clean. You can easily just throw them in the washer on a regular basis so they don’t develop mold along the bottom of them.

For those on a tight budget, plastic shower curtains are an effective substitute to the nylon or fabric kinds. You can pick these up quite low-priced at your the nearest discount stores. They do have an inclination to harden and split over a period of time, but given that they are so inexpensive, they are cheap to replace. Plastic shower curtains come in a great variety of patterns or basic colors. Buying one in just the one basic color that blends in well with your bathroom decor can look quite stylish in the bathroom.

Fabric shower curtains are also popular to use in the bathroom. They are mainly produced from polyester or polyester/cotton blends which can differ from being lightweight to a thicker weave. The heavier, denser sort of fabric tends to keep the shower curtain in place more without it being inclined to adhere to your legs while you’re in the shower.

As was mentioned above for nylon shower curtains, if you would like to retain your fabric shower curtains mold free, it’s best to routinely launder them to stop any mold growing along the lower edges of the curtain.

The majority of department stores keep a good range of shower curtains; however, online merchants usually have a much larger selection to choose from and may be worth a search. A retailer only has a certain amount of space it can set aside for showcasing shower curtains, whereas online suppliers don’t have that drawback. The other convenience of shopping on the web for your shower curtains is that you can easily do it via the convenience of your own home; you don’t need to travel to the retail outlet to make your purchase.

Decorating A Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is really a big project, even if you’re just going for a layer of new paint on the walls and a little new lighting. The thing is, decorating a bathroom badly is also easy to do, and the newness won’t be countered by the problems of a mismatched, bad looking bathroom. With a little consideration and some simple rules, though, decorating a bathroom can be easy to do, and you’ll have something that looks wonderful.

Start with Planning a Motif

The easiest way to ensure that decorating a bathroom will have successful results is to start with a central motif to tie in all your decorating changes. This will not only make it easier for you to have great results from your decorating project, but it will also give you a way to narrow down the choices for what you need to purchase, from paint to fixtures.

Do you want a retro look? Get polished chrome fixtures for a sleek look and colors to go with it? For a beach feel, try a sandy colored paint or a light blue, like the sky, and add a single picture or two to help support the theme.

Consider Building Materials

This goes in particular for the floors. Things like marble, for instance, look great but are going to be slick when wet.

Plan Your New Fixtures

Remember that to support your motif, you may need new fixtures as well. For the previously mentioned retro look, plenty of polished, shiny surfaces may work well, and you may want to take things one step further, finding a sink that has a great vintage look. Similarly, there are claw-foot bathtubs that might add more character to your bathroom than a simple tub or shower.

Of course, taking it beyond new faucets when decorating a bathroom is an expensive thing to do, so be careful and watch your bottom line. If it’s too much, find a motif that works within your budget.

Coordinate With Softer Materials

Decorating a bathroom isn’t all tiles and metal fixtures. What will really round out your bathroom’s look is the use of cloth material to complete the look. Be sure to purchase towels that match your bathroom’s new look, and the same goes for the shower curtain.

Even something such as a set of blinds in the bathroom needs to fit into the new look somehow, so make sure to get these new things to support the look you want. Remember, pick a look you want, stick with it through the planning stages, and consider materials carefully, and you will have a bathroom you can be proud of.

Tips For Baby Potty Training

When the child is between 18-24 months, you need to start teaching him or her potty training and this might not be as easy as it seems. Before they reach this age, they should be somewhat familiar with the toilet and what goes in there, and should understand about it at least in general terms. When they are at the right age, you will then teach your kid how to go to the toilet alone by following some of these tips.

It is important to show your appreciation for a job well down. You should reward the child when it comes to potty training such as giving them hugs, giving them kisses and encourage them when you see that they did a good job of using the toilet the right way. Some people also like to give a small candy or a piece of chocolate as a token of appreciation.

Initially the child will have diapers on, however the faster he or she learns to go to the toilet, the faster they can shed the diapers in favor of disposable training pants. Don’t forget that routine is one of the best ways for reinforcement. Doing it once is not enough, they need to keep to a regular schedule so that they learn to use the toilet every time they need to go. By using it at about the same time each day, the routine will become a welcome daily habit.

It is true, it can be at times frustrating to teach a child potty training and initially you will still need to change the diapers for a few more weeks or even months, however there are much bigger rewards once they learn it to use the toilet the right way. This is also a sign that the child is ready to become independent from parents, and while this initially might give you a sense of hurt and loss, you have to understand that this is the normal way things go. The child will feel more grown up and will learn self-confidence faster.

However while you are still changing the diapers of your baby, ensure that they are laying down on a baby changing table to prevent them from falling off the table. Just because they are learning potty training, it doesn’t mean that they still don’t need to have their diapers changed early on!


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