PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

AMY: Hi, I’m Amy Devers from Home Made Simple on OWN. And I’m going to show you how to clear up your shoe clutter by making a shoe rack out of PVC pipes. I noticed you guys have a lot of shoes by the front door. Is that because there are a lot of people who need to put on shoes and get out the door?


AMY: Ok well that makes a lot of sense. The problem is they don’t look so attractive there. But functionally you need that to happen, so we came up with this idea of using PVC pipe. And I cut it into ten-inch lengths.


AMY: Now you can have this done at a hardware store if you don’t want to cut it yourself. First thing we need to do is kinda decide our configuration. I was thinking maybe…if we did something kind of symmetrical.

EZRA: I think it’s cool.

AMY: Are you down with it? We’re going to glue this together with PVC glue, which is what they use in the plumbing trade.


AMY: We can clamp this whole business together. And then we will mark and unclamp where we need to glue. You and I are going to put on gloves. Ezra, there’s some gloves over there. You should put some gloves on too. So we’re going to do this assembly line style. Ezra’s going to mark where the circle’s touch on both sides. And then I will paint on glue. And then Kellie you will line it up, and then Ezra you will put the clamp back on. Perfect. Ohh look at that. This glue dries really fast. So this feels solid. Yeah. And then after we cover it with primer…then we’re going to paint it this lovely craftsman sage green.