RV Organization and Storage 👍 Easy install products we love!

These easy to install RV storage and organization upgrades are going to help us keep everything in place, get shoes out of the way and improve our overall quality of life in the RV.
The screen protector and the cross bar handle have really ended up being must haves for us. The shoe organizer at the bottom of the bed holds more than just shoes! We keep smaller things secured in those pockets during travel. The paper towel holder is really just a genius idea. So easy to take a roll with you outside, or even pop in a backpack when you go hiking and plan to have a picnic along the way.

We’re about to set out on our 3rd trip ever with an RV and over the winter found a bunch of great, easy to install, products that really enhance our time living in the RV. These were all quick installs, fairly cost effective and really added a lot of functionality or space saving to our rig.

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Links to these products, and our other “inside” gear is here: https://kit.com/olderandwiser/inside-rv-gear

Video index:
0:58 Non Slip Netting
1:07 Expandable Shelf
2:49 Collapsible Dish Drainer
4:15 Westinghouse USB Hub
5:33 Camco Pop a roll
7:50 Canvas Shoe Pockets
9:18 Screen Door Grill
10:57 Camco Screen Door Crossbar
11:40 Vent Screen

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