Space Saving Shoes Organization | Over Door Shoe Rack Organizer by TVOOD

This video is for ‘Shoes Organization’. Having different using method for store shoes, kids toys, baby shoes, kitchen accessories or any function is a necessity these days. Combine all these for each family member and there may be a lot of shoes in the house, and this might need lots of storage space. Let’s learn how to maximize space with TVOOD shoe organizer.

How to organize shoes?

24 Pockets Organizer Details:
☛Material: Non-woven Fabric
☛Single Package Weight: 0.73 lbs
☛Feature: Easy Installation, Foldable
☛Note: 4 hooks included in pockets
For durability, TVOOD kindly reminds you to:
1. Use within the storage weight.
2. Avoid damp place or putting it in places with oil.

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