Jakpopin Women Summer Short Dress Prints Low-cut Casual Sundress

Every year, my family has a fourth of July barbecue party. This year, I was looking for something that I could wear that would both flatter my body and fit the occasion. This dress was the perfect purchase. Firstly the design is so pretty, it has a zebra stripe print design on the entire dress. The fabric of the dress is made of silk so it’s very soft, comfortable, and easy to breathe in. When wearing the dress, it reaches to a bit farther than mid-thigh. The length of the dress is a bit shorter than things I would wear outside, but it works perfectly as a swimming suit cover up. The neckline of the dress is a deep V-neck that shows off your cleavage. The waist of the dress is fitted so that it gives your body a slimmer appearance. I plan on wearing this over my swimming suit that way I can go from the party to the pool. I like this dress and plan on using it more as a cover up than an actual dress.

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Tina Reviewer Rating- 5/5