Aurora, Spiderman and Batman plan the Elsa´s Birthday Party – Superhero Friends & Villains

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Episode 1:
Aurora, Spiderman and Batman are in the park thinking about what to give Elsa for her birthday. Elsa arrives but they pretend to ignore her so she doesn’t realize. After she leaves, they run to go to make Minions with their own hands.

Episode 2:
Elsa is sad because her friends ignore her. Spiderman, Batman and Aurora, prepare a themed birthday surprise party. At the end, Elsa is happy to see that her friends haven’t forgot about her.

Episode 3:
Elsa is happy with the present her Friends gave her. Maleficent finds out of Elsa’s happiness and bewitch her to steal her present. Batman and Spiderman will have to discover who bewitched Elsa and break the spell.