Avengers Birthday Party At Home ( Anniversaire Avengers ) Party Games, Super hero Party Ideas DIY

Planning for an Avengers Children’s party at home???Doing children’s party at home is indeed tiring but at the same time it made me feel proud as a mom.I made my son so happy and made his birthday memorable and with lots of fun! All the kids enjoyed the games and the goodies I made.

By the way,I was the one who made the fondant cakes, cookies and the other cakes except the doughnuts.

In this video,I will show how I made the things that I used for the games.How the games are executed.Since it’s winter time here in France,we held it inside the house.It’s cold outside.I have to prepare some games for the children to be entertained. 1)The music stop dance, where the kids have to stop when the music stops. 2)Smash the box,where each children has to hit the box and get a surprise gift. 3) The cup and straw game,the two group of kids have to make sure they put the straws in the cup and take it out. 4) the bottle down game,where the kids have to hit the bottles and whoever has the most number of bottles down,wins. 5) The Hanging toys game ( we call it pabitin in filipino),the kids have to take or pick the toys. 6) Pinata