Hello Neighbor vs Detective Donut: THE MISSING DONUTS MYSTERY SuperHero Kids SHK Comic In Real Life

Win a SHK Hero Pack here http://bit.ly/2BHc4hD SUBSCRIBE and become a SuperHero Kids! When a dozen triple glazed donuts go missing in the neighborhood, Detective Donut is on the case! He has some clues, what will Detective Donut discover in the Hello Neighbor house? Will he be able to solve the mystery? Watch to find out! Checkout the behind the scenes fun while we were making this video here https://youtu.be/C--mxonCms4

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SuperHero Kids SHK Family is a team of 8 kids who all work together to make kid friendly videos and superhero and gameplay skits with your favorite characters plus some super fun original characters!!
This funny Hello Neighbor in real life gameplay skit is based on the hello neighbor video game.