SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Gear Hunt SuperHero Kids

Today we are hunting for the Spider-Man Homecoming toys and gear to use in our Dude Perfect Challenge trick shots video. This video is our very first SuperHeroKids vlog, hang out with us as we shop for toys to use as props in our next skit video! We hope you have fun! Check out the video we made with all of these toys here https://youtu.be/1QCY6BMORPY The Dude Perfect Challenge! Nerf Web Shooter Trick Shots Silly String Toys Hope and Noah SuperHeroKids
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Last week, Using his amazing Nerf Web Shooter toy trick shots, Can Noah save the world from Vulture’s bomb? He’s busy practicing his Dude Perfect style trick shots with his Nerf dart blasting and silly string slinging wrist shooters when Vulture attacks and captures him, threatening to throw him into the poismin and destroy the world with a bomb! Watch to find out if Noah defeats vulture! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsvviTzdSKW8ZG2BojO6AQ7Yw79LxrVjM
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