Superhero/Avengers Goody Bag Ideas

If your planning on having a superhero themed or Avenger themed party in the future for your child or children, here is what I did for sons 6th Birthday Party for this May 2015. I actually purchased THREE different types of goody bags. So heres all the websites I used to get every single thing that I needed for my little mans birthday coming up.

The paper goody bags with the specially designed labels were from Etsy.

The large superhero tote bags with the words on them were from oriental trading.

The smaller regular goody bags with the Avengers team on them were from Amazon.

I hope you guys find this video helpful for future events for your little ones. I cant wait to see the little munchkins faces when they see these awesome goody bags. And not only are the Movie Party kids gonna get those adorable paper goody bags, but their each gonna get a large superhero tote bag to take home to use for whatever they want.

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