Superhero Birthday Party Ideas: DC Comics & Marvel! | Affordable Super Hero Kids Party!

We threw together an Affordable Super Hero Kids Birthday Party full of ideas for Superhero Costumes & Superhero Capes as party favors, cheap decorations and more! These Superhero Birthday Party Ideas would work for both DC Comics and Marvel superhero theme parties. All items we used I’ll link you directly to below in the YouTube Description.


⭐Superhero Capes for Boys: Comes in a 5-Pack and ends up being $3.79 each!! Awesome party favor to give each child to use while they are there and when they go home!

⭐Superhero Capes for Girls:

**There were a lot of different options. But these 2 were the best ones I could see for the price and quantity when I ordered. And they were awesome. To see ALL of the options available, head here:

⭐Superhero Suckers: I purchased the “add-on” ones since they were the cheapest and placed the order at the same time as my capes.


🎥Top New Toys for Girls:

🎥Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas:

🎥The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Tips:

🎥How to Cut a Little Boy’s Hair at Home— Easy Tutorial!

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