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Tips On Brightening The Darkest Rooms

When I needed to transform my dining room into an office I noticed how dark the room actually was. We hardly used the space before, just the weekly evening meals so the lack of natural light in there was never really an issue. When it came time to move in my furniture and sit down to work I found the space to be dull and to be honest I hated working in there. I consulted with a professional about the options I had to help improve the space and this is what I was told.

Think about Colour

The room was already painted a dull green and the first thing we did was address the walls. The paint was applied to old chip wallpaper which we removed first of all to give a smoother surface. I went for a yellow in the end but only because it was my favourite colour. My designed ended up picking the best tone which would not be garish and would help to warm up the space without washing out the walls.

Lighting is All Important

Before the work was started I had one light in the centre of the ceiling and a lamp on my desk. By the time we finished the room the central light fitting had changed into a small chandelier. I had task lighting installed too, one over my desk area and one in the alcove where I kept my files, books and printer. There is also a lamp in the other alcove on the shelf of my stunning bookcase. I just want to point out I have used eco-friendly light bulbs in these just in case you were wondering.

Work on the Flooring

The carpet in the old dining room was still the same as when we moved in twenty years ago, and it was old then. The carpet was brown with orange and red patterns so it had to go. I ended up choosing a wooden floor as the base and helped to warm the space up by adding a plush rug which feels great under my feet.

Mirrors and More Mirrors

The use of mirrors has been extremely effective and I love the actually look of the room. My designer was able to source some amazing old framed mirrors which all complement each other. I have one which is opposite the small window, another above the fireplace and one opposite the door heading into the room. The reflection of light has brightened up the space no end.

All Season Outdoor Decorations

Holiday decorations of all kinds are a great way of getting into seasonal festivities and setting your home apart from the crowd. But if you’ve ever tried decorating for anything except Halloween and Christmas, you know that some holidays are a lot easier to decorate for than others. After all, stringing up Christmas lights is one thing, but how do you really decorate for Memorial or Mother’s Day?

And it’s not just the big holidays that inspire the urge to decorate. Plenty of folks out there want some way to decorate for ongoing seasonal events like football season or Autumn. That’s where decorative flags come into the picture. These easy and affordable decorations give homeowners a degree of decorative flexibility that lighting and statuary just can’t compete with. And, best of all, hanging holiday flagsdoesn’t require sending dad up on a ladder in blustery winter weather. (Take that, Christmas!)
Decorative flags have grown increasingly popular over the past few years, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding online and land-based retailers carrying huge selections of them. While big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes carry seasonal flags at reasonable prices, you’re probably better off

Shopping For Them Online.

That’s because online retailers carry out-of-season flags and normally offer discounts for buying in bulk. When you’re buying your Fourth of July and Christmas flags at the same time, from the same retailer, you’re definitely going to save some cash.

If you’re at all handy with a sewing machine, you might find that making your own flags is an affordable option to buying them online. Not only will this move wind up saving you some cash, it also allows you to personalize your flags for family events like birthdays and anniversaries. You might also find that crafting flags in support of your local high school sporting team is a great fundraiser for new uniforms and equipment.

Decorating with flags is so much easier than stringing up lights or hassling with bulky inflatable structures. It’s also the perfect option for apartment dwellers who aren’t allowed to drill holes into their

Rented Rooftops

In short, holiday decor doesn’t have to be a hassle. Decorative flags can be put up, and put away, in minutes and look great on any home. So the next time you’re looking for a special way of celebrating the holidays, go ahead and fly the holiday flag.

Items To Consider When Decorating Your Home For Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that comes along once a year yet it never hurts to think about how you are going to decorate during the time a little bit in advance. Some people wait until the last minute to start putting their decoration ideas together but this is something that is not recommended. This article is not going to tell you how to decorate your home – per say – however it is going to tell you some of the things that you are going to want to consider purchasing that will help make your final presentation look great to everyone who lays eyes on it.

Christmas Tree
A Christmas Tree is one of the essentials when it comes to decorating your home during the Christmas season. The size of the tree does not matter but having one in general is especially important when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit. Not to mention the fact that if you have children decorating the tree can be a tradition that they will look forward to each year.

Mistletoe is a great way to bring the Christmas feeling into your home as well. Many people even put it into play so they can lure their special someone under it so they can get a kiss. If you are someone who hosts Christmas parties at your home the mistletoe is going to be a great hit.


Some people feel as though Christmas lights are only meant for the tree however this is not the case. Lights can be used throughout your entire home to make the Christmas cheer more noticeable. Some popular places to string lights can be around the mantle over the fireplace, around the windows, and any posts that you may have inside of your home. However, your options are not limited to the ones that are previously mentioned you can be as creative as you want.


Each year when the Christmas season approaches you are going to see different décor displays becoming available in department stores. Some of the displays could compliment your other Christmas decorations however this is referring to the small displays and not the big outside displays that you may see. But, if you have the space for it outside you can go ahead and purchase one of the outside ones as well.

LED Lights

Christmas LED lights are another way that you can decorate your home. The benefit of purchasing LED lights is the fact that these can be used both inside as well as outside of the home. Not to mention the fact that they last a long time and they are said to be energy efficient as well. So, this means that you are not going to be spending as much on your energy bills as you would be doing if you were to use regular lights. Additionally, they are not overly expensive either.

These are just some of the decoration items that you will want to consider. There are plenty more for you to consider just get creative and your display will turn out just fine.

Dressing Your Homes Exterior For The Winter Holidays

With Christmas coming quickly, it is time to think about decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays. However, the unpredictable winter weather may leave you wondering just how to decorate for Christmas outdoors. After all, torrential rain and even the possibility of snow can put a real damper on just how beautiful those Christmas decorations on the exterior of your home look.
Here are some ideas to show off your Christmas spirit this season with beautiful decorations that light up the exterior of your home and make it as festive as possible:

Candlelit walkway:

On dry days, consider putting our luminaries to light the pathways and sidewalks around the exterior of your home. You can also put them on your front porch, offering a soft, decorative light. While you can use a votive candle in a paper bag that is weighted down with sand, you can now opt for votive candles that are battery operated. They are safer so you don’t have to worry about the risk of fire while still offering the same beautiful lighting. Each bag could also be stencilled with a holiday design to add to the festive look.

Garlands and wreaths made from greenery:

Natural décor on the exterior of your home is often the best idea for the winter weather as it can thrive in rain or the snow will add to the holiday effect of an evergreen wreath, garland, or swag placed on or around the exterior door or as a frame for the windows. You can add other natural elements to these decorations, including pinecones, berries, and flowers. Other ideas include miniature Christmas trees placed on either side of your exterior door. These can be decorated with little twinkling lights and ornaments to welcome visitors.

Maximise windowsill space:

Another idea is to add Christmas decor in the windows that face the street where they can be seen and enjoyed but you do not have to worry about any damage from harsh winter weather. This includes candles and flameless candles placed in the windowsill. You can place small white lights around the inside of the windowsill as well or paint a scene on the windows. Other ideas include removable holiday window decals that show festive or traditional holiday scenes or motifs.

Exterior lighting:

Lights are always a favourite for exterior Christmas decoration. If you want to make it onto YouTube with your light display set to music, you might want to check with your neighbours first about how they feel about the street being lit up with blinking lights. It is best to keep the lights small and make sure they are not too bright. The new LED lights are also more environmentally sensitive and give off a pleasant amount of light.

Something different?
You may wish to add some Christmas decor on the outside of the home that children will enjoy. Why not try wrapping your exterior door to look like a big present? This unique idea could be accomplished with heavy duty Christmas patterned wax fabric.

Whatever you wish to try, good luck and happy Christmas!

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