10 Minute Yoga Quickie

Yoga quickie in 10 minutes! Get a little standing posture practice, a little vinyasa, a little floor work and a little meditation. Because sometimes that’s all you’ve got and every little bit of practice makes a big difference.

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*Approaching instruction with a deep spiritual reverence for the sacredness of yoga coupled with a joyous playful sense of humor, Michelles classes offer a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for students to come and explore their mental and physical boundaries.*

Morning Yoga Stretch {15 Minute Yoga Class) https://youtu.be/JS20gjw7EN8

Yoga for When You Don’t Have Time for Yoga! https://youtu.be/SzwXS_ahMuw

15 Minute Yoga Quickie ~ Yoga for When You Don’t Have Time for Yoga https://youtu.be/GzQd4p1S_HQ

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