Body Mind Soul Studio Reveal 🎉 Welcome Home Yogi. This is Your Studio!

Cue the ribbon cutting, the Body Mind Soul Studio is here – ✂️

The BMS Studio is my *BRAND NEW* monthly membership yoga community that provides integrative experiences rooted in yoga tradition (body), psychology concepts (mind), and energetic practices (soul). It can be likened to a self-discovery laboratory where together, as a community, we will learn, experiment, and grow from the comfort of our homes.

So what’s included in the BMS Studio? Why should you consider joining me and #thejjcommunity? Take a look babe, this is what’s waiting for you ⬇️

🔺Monthly body, mind, soul mini-trainings

🔺Weekly yoga classes that are a mixture of vinyasa, power, hatha, and restorative

🔺Monthly yoga workbook to marry the physical with the mental + spiritual

🔺Monthly surprise bonus content, like podcast interviews, guided meditations, and masterclass presentations

🔺Weekly love letters (aka emails) to introduce the material

🔺Private BMS Studio FB Group

🔺Studio member perks like monthly giveaways, recommend reads, monthly yoga calendar, and FB LIVE family meetings

In creating this studio, it’s my intention to mirror the badass studios I’ve had the privilege of walking into.

This means, I want every mini-training to be an opportunity to align your interests with your actions. I want every yoga class to offer intelligent and meaningful sequencing with thoughtful and clear instruction. I want to provide a safe space to explore your emotions and discover personal enjoyment and fulfillment.

I want you to receive surprises and perks, simply because you’re a studio member. I want you to have a built-in community that allows for your body, mind, soul evolution.

I’ve received all of this in a yoga studio, and I’ve also received none of it too. Guess which studio I still practice at, still respect and admire, and would highly consider joining as a teacher?

I imagine you know the answer……

Now the question is, what yoga studio do you want to walk into? I’m over here crossing my fingers 🤞 it’s the brand new Body Mind Soul Studio!

Click here to learn more and SAY YES to your body, mind, and soul –