How to Create a Yoga Studio in Your Own Home | Home Yoga Studio Design Ideas

If you participate in Yoga you likely have a local studio you attend, but that might not always be convenient. Whether it’s because of the weather or a busy schedule (or cost–Yoga instruction can be expensive), sometimes it would be so much better if you could do your Yoga workout at home. Some instructors are even encouraging Yoga at home, to improve the powers of meditation and concentration, and to help with your flexibility. Well, creating a yoga studio in your own home isn’t at all that difficult or expensive, and just think of how much more relaxing it could be to practice your Yoga at home in a “private” studio.

While there are no hard and fast rules as to what a home Yoga studio must have, these suggestions can help you create a private sanctuary that has everything you need:

o Choose a warm space that has natural lighting. You can hang airy window coverings that can be used for privacy and to cut heat if necessary, without compromising the actual light.

o Keep the space airy and uncluttered. Keep it minimalistic with little on the walls. A couple of nice candles hanging on the walls is perfect. No more though!

o Consider adding natural scents to help provide a sense of tranquility. Lavender oil is a great choice.

o A tile, laminate, or hardwood floor is best to provide a firm base.

o You want a temperature between 75 and 85 degrees. You can achieve this using a small space heater or even a fireplace. Heat is necessary to help your muscles relax, and relaxed muscles mean you’ll be more flexible. It’s hard to do Yoga if you’re in the basement shivering!

o A laptop will allow a way to play your tranquil music and keep your routines handy. If you don’t have a laptop you’ll need stereo and a paper print out of your routines. Music is very important to Yoga so make sure you have a good quality sound system. You can also get CDs of DVDs to play, which will guide you through a Yoga session. Rodney Yee is a popular Yoga instructor with many offerings.

o A you mat is necessary. Consider an eco-friendly one if possible. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but sometimes cheaper mats are made from polyvinyl chloride, which is environmentally toxic.

o A small blanket can be nice to help you get into positions or to cover yourself with during the meditation stage. A strap and yoga blocks (or a thick book) may also be useful.

o Tea and food can be an amazing addition to your Yoga studio. Many love to include chocolate and tea as part of their yoga ritual, something to be enjoyed after a good workout.

o If you are religious, you can add elements that let you nurture yourself spiritually. Consider making an altar and placing objects that meaningfully represent the deities that are important to you. Tailor it to your personal belief system.

If you are new to Yoga, you may want to take a beginner course first. Once you learn the proper techniques and correct body alignment, you’ll be far more confident that what you are doing is correct. There are also plenty of online resources available for free online, and your library should also have plenty of instructional material. You should also learn the philosophies of Yoga.

A home Yoga studio is a great investment, both for you and for your home. You can enjoy having your very own personal Yoga studio designed to by you for you. Consider this an investment in yourself and you can’t put a price on that!

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