Installing Gym Mirrors | Custom mirrors for yoga studios, home gyms and martial art studios.

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Our full-wall mirrors are perfect for yoga studios, home gyms, spas and retail businesses. You choose the size and number of mirrors for a personalized look.
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How to: Install your Troy Systems Gym Mirror
– Take your gym mirror out of the packaging.
– Use the cardboard as a cushion to protect your glass during installation.
– Clean the wall where the mirror will be installed, so the mastic cures properly.
– Use a level and mark every 16-18 inches on the wall for the bottom of the J-bar.
– Place the J-Bar (bottom-support) just above the marked lines.
– Mark 4 large holes ensuring equal distances, included the large holes on either ends of the J-Bar.
– Drill 4 EZ anchors into the wall where you made your marks.
– Line up the J-Bar with the EZ anchors and insert 4 screws through the holes.
– Place the setting blocks in the J-Bar, 1/4 of the way in from the end of the J-bar.
– Carefully place the mirror inside the J-Bar to make the marks for the clips.
– Detach both sides of the round mirror clips.
– Make marks for drilling by tracing the inside of the round mirror clips.
– Carefully remove the mirror from the J-Bar. First lift, then pull the mirror out.
– Drill holes for the mirror clips with a 3/16″ drill bit.
– Place the plastic anchors into the holes.
– Apply Mirror Glue 3/4″ thick by 2″-3″ wide directly on the glass back of the mirror.
– Slightly angle and insert the mirror in the J-Bar, then press it towards the wall.
– Screw in your mirror clips into the anchor to fasten the mirror to the wall.
Congratulations! You have successfully installed your Gym Mirror.