Why Yoga At Home Is Better For Your Health Than Studio Yoga – Latest Research

Why Yoga At Home is a better for your Health than studio yoga .

In a seminal study of over 100 yoga practitioners in the US, it was found that home practice not only predicted how good people felt but also if made them more likely to practice mindfulness, have lower BMIs (smaller waistlines), eat more fruits and veggies, have better sleep and less fatigue than those without a regular home yoga routine.

They looked at home yoga as including asanas or physical postures, breath work, meditation and yoga philosophy or ways of living, like eating a healthy mostly vegetarian yogic diet.

The really interesting part is that having a home yoga practice predicted all these health outcomes better than how many years they had been practicing or how many studio classes per week they went to.

This means that to get all the health benefits of yoga, it is most important to practice yoga at home and you don’t have to be a yoga expert.