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The tinier the house, the more important the details. Rebecca Grim designed her Keva Tiny House to include hidden treasures both inside and out. The yoga instructor’s 168-square-foot home on Salt Spring Island, B.C. is an affordable marvel of craftsmanship and comfort that invites the most peaceful meditation.

Grim built the 22-foot home with the help of her carpenter friend Rudy Hexler and an apprentice named Lenny in 2015. The tiny house sits quietly in the wooded Pacific Northwest and took only six months and USD $38,500 to complete. A curved porch made from removable 8’ by 8’ pallets is partially covered by a plexiglas awning to keep the rain out and let the sunshine pour in.

The living room features a cast-iron wood stove and plenty of space for Grim’s yoga practice. Bench seating is installed into the walls near the large, sun-drenched windows. The storage-packed kitchen area includes a sink and single burner on one side and a wooden countertop with detachable leaf for dining on the other. A custom stone backsplash gives the room its own fair, mirrored in the custom flooring alongside the indoor metal bathtub.

Grim prefers the use of an outhouse, located on her property, yet her indoor shower and tub are equipped with hot water. All graywater is collected in a five gallon container outdoors to be used in watering her garden. Her 64 square foot bedroom loft is bathed in light and seems perfectly cozy. All in all, she pays just a few hundred dollars each month for renting the land, a place to park her car, laundry, and utilities. She says about the perks of tiny houses, “It’s a way for young people to own their own home when they’re 20–something, and I think that in this day and age that is not really available to a lot of us.”

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