There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your bedroom. Will you go with a calm oasis or opt for a colorful style for your bedroom? Is your room big enough for a total overhaul or are you just seeking small upgrades? With all the bedroom ideas to choose from, we compiled 100 inspiring photos to jumpstart your redesign. We even included some helpful filters so you can sort based on your style and room size to find the best fit.

Once you have your bedroom decorating ideas, personalize your space with home decor accents like wall art, framed prints, pillows and more.

Layer rugs for added comfort and design without the expense of changing out carpet.

Photo by: Olivia Rink

Think outside the box and have your artwork serve a purpose, like this large rustic sliding door.

Photo by: Pantier

If you love graphic wallpaper but unsure of colors, try a simple neutral that will go with anything.

Photo by: The Cheerio Diaries

If your walls are a bold color, pair it with decor from the same color family but in different hues for a design that works together.

Photo by: Craftivity Designs

If your walls have an awkward shape, DIY your decor like this sweet “Love” sign using pallete wood.

Photo by: Willow Street Interiors

Layer patterns and textures like gingham and raw edge for a rustic look that doesn’t feel like camp.

Photo by: Healthfully Ever After

Dark walls don’t have to mean gloomy. Check out how this room pairs different shades of black and white for an airy feel.

Photo by: Stash of Panache

Pair a bold wall with simple artwork for a intriguing gallery wall.

Photo by: DIY Playbook

Spray paint found objects in gold to add as fun accents to your bedroom.

Photo by: Brighton the Day

We love the feminine feel of this room without using a lot of pink.

Photo by: The Minted Mama

Who said monograms can only be on towels? Incorporate your initials in a bold way, like in this fleece blanket.

Photo by: Emily A Clark

Via: Shutterfly

Decorating doesn’t have to be complex. Stick with two of your favorite colors and pick simple patterns to create a refreshing bedroom.

Photo by: Wit & Delight

Via: Shutterfly

No room to display your favorite artwork? Use it as a printed headboard instead!

Photo by: I Heart Nap Time

Via: Shutterfly

Add simple DIY details like dream catchers and driftwood to create a uniquely boho bedroom.

Photo by: Advice from a Twenty Something

Who said wallpaper is out of style? Pick a big bold print to instantly upgrade your bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Aka Design

Keep decor and design minimal and let your bedroom headboard do all the talking.

Photo by: Andre Cawley

Via: Design Sponge

Monochrome doesn’t have to be uninspiring. Mix and match patterns within the same color family to create a serene space.

Photo by: Bari Ziperstein

Via: Design Sponge

Punch up muted or plain decor with small, bright details like a printed pillow or heirloom quilt.

Photo by: Becky Kimball

Via: Design Sponge

If you are all out of decorating ideas for a small bedroom, go minimalist. The less clutter you have, the larger the room will seem.

Photo by: Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp

Via: Design Sponge

Looking for some simple DIY bedroom decor ideas? Try adding some beautiful flowers to the mix.

Photo by: Biz Jones

Via: Design Sponge

Add some drama to a classic bedroom with an animal print pillow and bright pops of color.

Photo by: Bliss At Home

This teeny tiny bedroom still brings some intrigue with a dramatic reading lamp hanging overhead.

Photo by: Blue Window Creative

Via: Design Sponge

Combine old and new, store bought and thrift finds, for a truly unique bedroom.

Photo by: Caitlin Mills

Via: Design Sponge

Add interest to a simple bedroom by creating an accent wall with reclaimed wood.

Photo by: Cherished Bliss

Start with a large photo and build your design inspiration from there—incorporate similar colors, styles and overall mood.

Photo by: Chi-Chi Agbim

Via: Design Sponge

If you’re a fan of uniformity, but also want to add some flavor, purchase bold prints in doubles.

Photo by: Chronicles of Frivolity

If you can’t choose between area rugs, pick two in similar colors and layer underneath your bed for a creative shape.

Photo by: Ciburbanity

Decorate your bedroom with vintage finds—a basket can double as storage and an old school desk works as a larger bedside table.

Photo by: Circa34

Via: Eclectically Vintage

Play around with textures to add dimension to your bedding like a crocheted blanket layered over a soft comforter.

Photo by: Claire Brody Designs

If your bedroom empties out into a living space, paint both rooms the same color to create a continuous bedroom.

Photo by: Deb Achak

Via: Coco + Kelley

The gallery wall above the vanity makes a great DIY bedroom decor project.

Photo by: Color Me Courtney

If you don’t feel like putting too many holes in your apartment, layer framed photos on a large dresser to create a similar gallery wall effect.

Photo by: Cuckoo 4 Design

Match your bedroom wall decor to the season. A simple string of lights brings this nautical themed room some holiday cheer.

Photo by: Dandelion Patina

If you’re more of a neutral fan, add lush green plants to your room for subtle pops of natural color.

Photo by: Dear Lillie

Brick and cement walls are tough to hang pictures on, but a bold art piece make a great choice for the wall decor.

Photo by: Derek Swalwell

Via: Apartment Therapy

Floor to ceiling white curtains create a dramatic bedroom while still maintaining a relaxing space.

Photo by: Domestic Fashionista

Buy an interesting headboard and let its design influence you—like this rustic French themed room.

Photo by: Driven by Decor

You don’t only have to hang pictures to make a room interesting—consider elegant chandeliers and flashy mirrors.

Photo by: Echoes of Laughter

Sometimes simple is best. This modern black and white room makes for a relaxing space to rest your head.

Photo by: Elin Kickén

Via: Nordic Design

Hang vintage or thrift store finds like this bright blanket to add a pop of color to your bedroom.

Photo by: Elise Abigail Photo

Via: Design Sponge

Symmetry is bliss in this classic all-white bedroom—make it your own by adding your favorite color.

Photo by: A Burst of Beautiful

An interesting take on string lights offers a well-lit corner for any nighttime wake ups.

Photo by: Ellie Koleen

Via: Design Sponge

Decorate your bed by pairing inverses—a white and blue comforter with a blue and white pillow.

Photo by: Fantabulosity

Create some interest in your bedroom by adding a fun wall sconce.

Photo by: Francois et Moi

If your bedroom closet isn’t the size of Carrie Bradshaw’s, hang your most used pieces next to the bed.

Photo by: Gillian Stevens

Via: Design Sponge

Decorate your bedroom in all white, but add a favorite bright graphic print that will really stand out.

Photo by: Go Forth!

Via: Design Sponge

A headboard doesn’t have to come from the store—check out this rustic example by using a reclaimed barn door.

Photo by: Heidi’s Bridge

Via: Design Sponge

If your bedroom gets a lot of natural light, worry less about bedside table lamps and opt for decorative pieces.

Photo by: Holly Marder | Avenue Lifestyle

Via: Apartment Therapy

Mixing prints within the same style—like these boho pillows—creates a dynamic bedroom that still feels minimalist.

Photo by: Honey Lake Studio

Via: Design Sponge

Take bold to the next level by mixing trends like velvet, chrome and florals.

Photo by: House of Hipsters

Sometimes a dramatic bed frame is all the decor you’ll need for a master bedroom.

Photo by: House of Jade

Sometimes a dramatic bed frame is all the decor you’ll need for a master bedroom.

Photo by: House of Turquoise

Want some brightness but don’t want it to overtake the room? Add it to small details, like curtains and pillows.

Photo by: House Plus Love


Black and brown work together as the pops of “color” in this simple bedroom.

Photo by: House Seven

Add some interest to an all neutral bedroom with a large statement piece, like this sliding door made out of reclaimed wood.

Photo by: Housewife 2 Hostess

Rustic is taken to a whole new level in this room with elements like live edge wood and furry blankets.

Photo by: Hunted Interior

Masculine colors and decor are offset by the delicate crystal chandelier in this bedroom.

Photo by: Jenna Sue Design

Stack books throughout your bedroom to quickly add height to display items on nightstands and dressers.

Photo by: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Here is a fun DIY bedroom decor idea: Write a simple saying in wire or on paper to hang above your head.

Photo by: Katie Palmer

If your bedroom has an awkward shape, highlight its quirks by painting it a bright color.

Photo by: Kelly Merchant

Via: Design Sponge

Display your handmade quilt proud and find color inspiration in each patch for other decor in your room.

Photo by: Kelly Rae

Tell a story with your gallery wall by gathering photos all from the same photo shoot.

Photo by: Lark & Linen

Not enough prints to make a gallery wall? Use other materials, like large icons, sculptures and hand drawn designs to add to your bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Lauren Elizabeth

A bright white comforter is a perfect way to add freshness to dark furnishings.

Photo by: Laure Joliet

Via: SF Girl By Bay

Instead of investing in a nightstand, create your own by stacking vintage luggage.

Photo by: Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Add feminine touches to your room with small details like a vase of flowers or modern crystal chandelier.

Photo by: Life in Eight

Place a cushioned bench at the end of your bed as a comfortable seating arrangement and added storage.

Photo by: Life on Virginia Street

Instead of paint, opt for built in bookcases to create a library that doubles as bedroom wall decor.

Photo by: Lindsay Anne Belliveau

Via: Design Sponge

This classically modern room gets an interesting twist with the addition of a French script armchair.

Photo by: Live Love DIY

Love floral patterns but want a neutral bedroom? Incorporate a softer pattern in smaller details—like this long pillow.

Photo by: Lizzy Write

Think about symmetry not only in your bedding, but also in your decor like these playful uniform prints.

Photo by: Lorin Klaris

Via: Design Sponge

A breezy ceiling-high curtain adds softness to darker metal decor.

Photo by: Love Grows Wild

Use your favorite clothing accessories like a bright hat or scarves as bedroom decor too.

Photo by: Lulu & Georgia

Add interest under your bed with a patterned bed skirt.

Photo by: Maggie Griffin Design

Potted plants don’t have to keep to a confined space. Hang an ivy plant and allow its trailing vine to grow naturally in your space.

Photo by: Malcolm Lee

Via: Mira Eng-Goetz

Add a splash of color with matching decor like this textured blanket and patterned pillow.

Photo by: Marty’s Musings

Display your hobbies proudly by using it as a statement piece—like this hanging acoustic guitar.

Photo by: Matt McCourtney Photography

Via: Design Sponge

Work within a color wheel to find shades that work harmoniously—like this bedroom with hues of yellow, orange and brown.

Photo by: Matt Somerville

Via: Design Sponge

One of the best decorating ideas for a master bedroom is to coordinate smaller colors all throughout the room. This creates a great visual flow.

Photo by: Mint Loves Social Club

Via: Apartment Therapy

All dark doesn’t have to be gloomy. Find shades of black, gray and brown for a modern room that doesn’t feel grim.

Photo by: Misha West

Via: Design Sponge

This large gingham stripped curtain adds a rustic feel to a bedroom while still keeping the room bright.

Photo by: Miss Mustard Seed

If your bicycle matches your decor—store it in the bedroom!

Photo by: Nasozi Kakembo

Via: Design Sponge

One of the best decorating ideas for a master bedroom is to coordinate smaller colors all throughout the room. This creates a great visual flow.

Photo by: Nick Steever

Via: Design Sponge

Black and white photos blend perfectly into a gray wall to create a seamless bedroom.

Photo by: Oleander + Palm

Via: Design Sponge

Mix and match vintage and modern decor, like this bedroom’s old school treasure chest and new school mirror.

Photo by: Our Sixth House

Find inspiration from nature to incorporate in every part of your decor, including prints, lamps and bedding.

Photo by: Place of My Taste

Via: Design Sponge

Instead of painting an entire wall, fill it with wall decals to create a simple but eye-catching pattern.

Photo by: Preptista

Keep long curtains out of the way by tying them in a knot. Not only does it save on space, but adds creativity.

Photo by: Pretty Little Fawn

Soft blues work great as a neutral without taking away from the calming aspect of all white.

Photo by: Quintessence

If you’re limited on wall space, a small gallery wall is the perfect way to fill your small nook with memorable moments.

Photo by: Rooms for Rent

While limited in space, this tiny mobile home bedroom doesn’t feel cramped with surrounding windows and smart ceiling shelving.

Photo by: Samuel Laubscher

Via: Design Sponge

Accents walls are a great way to add a pop of color without investing in an entire gallon of paint.

Photo by: Sasha Israel

Via: Design Sponge

Large headboards act as a perfect backdrop to a piece of artwork or a graphic print.

Photo by: Shade Degges

Via: My Domaine

Pair vintage and modern with large statement pieces, like this mirror atop a contemporary dresser.

Photo by: Shannon Lee Images

Via: Design Sponge

Mix and match pillow patterns to create subtle intrigue to your bedroom.

Photo by: Shelby Hornbuckle

Via: Design Sponge

Need a pop of color to a neutral room? Get the job done in one purchase by adding a colorful area rug.

Photo by: Simplified Bee

Don’t be afraid of black. This dark accent wall makes for a relaxing and bold space.

Photo by: Simply Grove

If you’re not a fan of your bedroom’s wall to wall carpet, layer a fun area rug on top to draw attention away.

Photo by: Style Your Senses

Instead of worrying about decorating the walls, incorporate a boldly patterned comforter.

Photo by: Sugar & Cloth

Via: Apartment Therapy

Pair two bedroom pillows to add a pop of color to the room without overtaking the entire space.

Photo by: Ten June

Find an art piece that matches your color scheme, like this calming storm print. This is a great decorating idea for a small bedroom because it helps make the room feel larger.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Decorate your bedroom with the seasons just as you would other parts of the home, like this sweet pumpkin addition to a nightstand.

Photo by: The Creek Line House

Faux fur is a great way to add a glamorous touch to a rustic bedroom.

Photo by: The Decorista

If you’re limited in windows, keep the decor and color in your bedroom light to make the room feel bright.

Photo by: The Elysian Edit

Via: SF Girl By the Bay

If you love the large tufted headboard look but hesitant on color, purchase one similar to your walls to blend seamlessly into your bedroom.

Photo by: The Happy Goose

Monochrome rooms don’t have to be boring. This simple off-white bedroom leaves room to incorporate fun details, like monogramed prints.

Photo by: The Home That Made Me

Pair thrift store blankets and pillows to create a uniquely rustic look to your bedroom.

Photo by: The White Buffalo Styling Co.

If you’re lucky enough to have a room with dramatic wood walls—don’t paint over it! Let the walls do all the talking like in this rustic cabin.

Photo by: Thoughts from Alice

If you love the headboard look but don’t want to make the investment, consider “floating” a piece of wood behind your bed to act as a mock headboard.

Photo by: Veda House

Vintage doesn’t equal dated. Pair your vintage finds with more polished items, like this vintage headboard with fresh white linens.

Photo by: Vintage Whites Market

Get creative with your decor by hanging updated versions of old classics.

Photo by: Yoga by Candace

Simplify your space by keeping large furniture to a minimum.

Photo by: Kristi Reed

Via: Design Sponge

If you want to paint your room a bold color, but concerned about it overtaking your space, consider painting using the dry brush approach for a textured feel.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Take geometry to the next level and incorporate angular pieces throughout your bedroom.

Photo by: Shutterfly

Create your own piece of art by printing an inspirational quote that’ll lift your spirits each morning.

Photo by: The Idea Room

Via: Shutterfly

2. Top 25 Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Girls

Hello Kitty is a beloved cartoon character who comes from Japan. She is popular for her distinct color, pink. In countries like Japan or Taiwan, Hello Kitty decorations are easily spotted on.

Even more, there are many stores specifically open for Hello Kitty merchandise, such as clothes, slippers, hats and more. Not only that you can buy those souvenirs, but you can also find hotels with Hello Kitty decorations.

Feeling sad for leaving such adorable hotel room, you can create your own Hello Kitty bedroom decoration with these top 25 ideas. Let’s take a closer look on them right now!

1. Pink Hello Kitty Bedroom Concepts

hello kitty bedroom decoration

At a lot of time, pink is a symbol of femininity, even though fanaticism isn’t limited by gender or sex of the child. As a matter of fact, Hello Kitty’s signature color is pink, which is also the main idea of this bedroom, but you can combine the color with black.

Some people think these two colors can’t be together, while the truth is they only need a correct measure to create such a beautiful contrast between black and pink.

Leave the larger area to pink, while black is painted on edges only, such as the edge of the cupboard, windows and bed stand.

For the flooring, you want the pink carpet to pop out, so you’re suggested to paint the hardwood with black.

2. Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

hello kitty bedroom decoration

This idea offers you softer colors which are blue and pink. Half of the wall is painted in pink with a little black dot, while the other half is painted in soft blue which complements the pink perfectly.

For a toddler, the combination of these colors creates an atmosphere that’s more of her age. Moreover, you can synchronize the colors of the bed, make-up stand, bed stand and the playing-hut with the interior paint.

3. Distinct Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas

hello kitty room decor ideas

Commonly, a Hello Kitty-themed bedroom is painted in pink. However, this one is different than previous designs because it involves a mural of Hello Kitties having fun at a theme park.

Even though the room is missing Hello Kitty’s signature color, it is still highly distinctive, creative, original, and unique.

Moreover, the mural is spread on to the top of the window and the flooring too, creating a strong appearance of the beloved character.

4. Beautiful Hello Kitty Girls Bedroom

hello kitty bedroom furniture

A Hello Kitty bedroom idea for children or toddler is usually filled with bold colors and excessive decoration of Hello Kitty characters on the wall or everywhere else.

If you are a grown-up, but you like Hello Kitty so much, this idea may be suitable for you. As seen, instead of Hello Kitty wall decoration, this room uses a light gray color and beautiful lamps in a shape of sun.

Your Hello Kitty’s admiration can be expressed through the pillows and the pink carpet. In fact, the carpet goes really well with the whole design. Don’t you think so?

5. Single Bed Hello Kitty Bedroom

hello kitty room decor ideas

Your little girl loves to have her Hello Kitty headboard. She also puts her Hello Kitty heart on the bed linen, pillows, and blanket, but those aren’t all!

The Hello Kitty display beside the built-in wardrobe is the actual centerpiece of the room. It shows a lot of different Hello Kitty ornaments, such as handbag and dolls.

Apart from the decorations, the pink chosen in this idea is the softer ones, rather than a bold pink, which is a nice choice considering this must be built for children.

6. Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Decor Ideas

hello kitty bedroom set full

A design that’s too simple may bore your girls. If that’s the case, this may be the one for you.

As soon as you enter the room, the luxurious curtains catch your eyes. Complemented by the elegant lounge area beside the beds, the room becomes cozier.

Moreover, the contrast between black and pink creates an excellent mixture of girly and elegance. Don’t forget about the Hello Kitty touch on the pillows and wall decorations too!

7. Hello Kitty Bed Linen Sets for Adorable Bedroom

hello kitty bedroom furniture

Hello Kitty and her lovable character are very admirable. Through this dreamy Hello Kitty bedroom decoration idea, you’ll get an amazing view and atmosphere of Hello Kitty’s cuteness.

As soon as you step in to the room, the cloud-like lamps on the ceiling catch your attention. The luminescence is adorned by the little Hello Kitty ornaments and a lot of little stars around them.

Once you feel sleepy and throw yourself softly on to the bed, you’ll notice the Hello Kitty animation design on the bed sheet which will make your kids sleep more peacefully.

8. Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom for Teens

hello kitty bedroom furniture

To sleep like a queen is every girl’s dream. That is why this room is designed to let your daughter feels like she’s relaxing in a luxurious castle room.

The first thing that you’d notice from the door is maybe the giant Hello Kitty headboard in between the bed.

Kitty is cutely seen wearing a ball gown behind the opened curtains. But that’s not all! the queen is accompanied with a beautiful high heel-like sofa to relax before bed.

9. Hello Kitty Bunk Beds

hello kitty bedroom set queen

If you have a twin or daughters with close age, this Hello Kitty bunk beds idea is perfect or you. First of all, let’s focus on the wall pattern. The pattern is consisting of vertical lines which appear to be different shades of pink put together side by side.

To make the room more in sync, you can have sofa with similar patterns. Then, you can complete the decoration with Hello Kitty pillows.

That does it! Now, this room looks amazing!

10. Hello Kitty Bedroom Furniture

hello kitty room decor ideas

None of Hello Kitty fanatics would turn down a chance to live at a place like this one. The theme of this room is an all-pink interior.

Then, to make the dream comes true, on several corners; there are Hello Kitty real life figures with different clothing. In the middle, there is a lot of seating to use. This idea is very suitable for your kids to play around with their friend.

However, this room also appropriate for you to make it your private Hello Kitty room.

11. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration with Wall Accents

hello kitty room decor ideas

Sometimes, the scenery when you look out the window becomes the only attraction of a room, but the center of attention in this room is the Hello Kitty mural on the wall behind the headboards.

Yes, a wall can be decorated boldly like this one.

You can choose the central focus wherever you like, except this one chooses the middle wall so your kid won’t be distracted too much while sleeping. The mural is created on a vibrant combination between soft pink and blue.

12. Cute Hello Kitty Bed for Girls

hello kitty bedroom furniture

Often time, a small space limits us from thinking creatively; turning a small area into a habitable space becomes a daunting task.

Don’t worry! This idea will help you to avoid such problem. This small bedroom area is suitable for your little girl. You can use vibrant colors, such as pink and pastel green to create a girly atmosphere.

Moreover, you can pop up the Hello Kitty decoration on several things, such as the carpet, drapes, bed sheet, pillows and small dolls. At the end, the room looks simple, yet it’s a very comfortable space.

13. Cute Girl’s Bedroom with Hello Kitty Style

hello kitty living room

This room is perfect for mother who has admiration for Hello Kitty and wants to pass it down to the baby girl. One of many colors that can be combined perfectly with pink is white.

As a neutral color, white becomes a blank canvas. You can decorate it with Hello Kitty photographs.

Other than that, the white painted nursery can also be decorated with Hello Kitty blankets and bed sets.

14. Charming Girl’s bedroom with Hello Kitty Wall Decoration

hello kitty bedroom decoration

A spacious bedroom gives you an opportunity to become as creative as possible. If you choose to go simple, this idea may be the one you’ve been looking for. Choose pastel pink color to give the room a girly, but relaxing vibe.

You may want to give a subtle contrast by combining two different shades of pink like this one.

As about the decoration, you can go easy by placing a Hello Kitty only on the headboard and the ceiling where the lamp is fixed.

15. Modern Hello Kitty Bedroom Design Concepts

hello kitty bedroom furniture

Wall accent is always a nice touch. In this idea, the accents are mounted near the curtain that gives a luxurious luminescence on the headboard. The wall itself is decorated with a beautiful pattern of vertical pink lines.

To emphasize the curtain and the pattern, you can paint the border with darker color like black. Black will give a strong contrast to the entire room.

Then, you can add more wall decoration with those two colors to synchronize with the whole design.

16. White and Light Purple Hello Kitty Bedroom Decor

hello kitty bedroom furniture

So far, have you found the one yet?

Well, if you haven’t, we’d like to offer you this idea which may be suitable for teenage Hello Kitty fanatics. Combining pastel pink and light green colors, you need a bold pattern in order to pop up.

In this case, you can choose Hello Kitty with tiger pattern. However, this type of pattern is a bit strong, so don’t overpower Hello Kitty’s signature colors by using the pattern on several things only, such as the sheet, some bags, pillows and dolls.

17. Hello Kitty Wall Sticker for Bedroom

hello kitty bedroom decoration

Have you ever thought about relaxing in a cozy Hello Kitty room?

Well, it’s time to make it comes true! While relaxing, you must want to enjoy something, such as watching TV. This idea right here offers you a built-in wall cabinet where you can install TV.

The cabinet is designed with a combination of black on the exterior, while the interior is painted with pink. On the outside, there is a sticker of Hello Kitty’s ribbon to match with the entire room’s design.

18. Girl’s Bedroom with Hello Kitty Wallpaper

hello kitty living room

Hello Kitty is a cute feline. Its lovable characteristic is adorned by everyone, especially women. Its cuteness is represented through pink color.

This room, for example, uses three different shades of pink. The wall uses soft, pastel pink, while the bed sheet is in a stronger shade.

Now, what is the first thing that you see in this room?

Right, the giant Hello Kitty figure above the headboard!

Not only that, you can also spot a very noticeable carpet with Hello Kitty’s head animations. Isn’t cool? This room will make you feel super comfortable!

19. Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom Ideas

hello kitty bedroom decoration

Do you know where Hello Kitty comes from? Yes, she comes from Japan!

If you want to get closer to her origin, you may want to try to have this type of bedroom. This room utilizes a very traditional Japanese bedroom, especially the sliding door, the coffee table and the flooring.

So, where should you place the Hello Kitty decoration?

You can actually fix a bed with a Hello Kitty’s head as headboard. Other than that, this idea also offers you to show off Hello Kitty’s cute face on the wardrobe’s doors.

20. Enjoyable Hello Kitty Girl’s Bedroom

hello kitty bedroom set full

Do you know that colors can change mood? Well, it is true. That is why this idea lets you use the shades of pink that’ll bring enjoy and laughter to whomever staying in here.

First of all, the wall behind the beds looks like marshmallow! Looking at it, it makes you hungry doesn’t it?

Then, the ceiling is decorated beautifully too. There are several mounted lightings which transform the ceiling into a dreamy night sky.

Moreover, the pattern of the sheet is composed of Hello Kitty’s cartoon animation which makes you feel more comfortable and cozy!

21. Pink and White Hello Kitty Bedroom

hello kitty bedroom set queen

Believe it or not, some Hello Kitty bedroom designs often go overboard, even though it doesn’t matter for Hello Kitty die-hards. If you choose to go simple, this one matches your preference.

As you see, the wall decoration is spread only on the main wall. There are stickers of Hello Kitty and her ribbon, complete with a nice Hello Kitty head lamp.

To emphasize your likeness toward Hello Kitty, you can embellish that on the bed sheet and some dolls like this one above!

22. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration for Grown-Up Girls

hello kitty room decor ideas

Building or remodeling a room into a Hello Kitty style bedroom is not immature. It’s an art of combining styles into the most perfect one.

The chandelier in this room looks majestic, especially from below. It illuminates the room nicely, making the room feels cozier.

Not only that the chandelier looks elegant, the elegance also shows from the curtain above the headboards. The curtains are folded into certain ways that they make the room feels like a room for princesses!

23. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration with Rounded Bed

hello kitty room decor ideas

Rectangle-shaped beds are just too common, and it’s not a crime to try something different and out of the box. Maybe, you need to start using the rounded bed like this one.

It offers the same comfort, but it’s more sophisticated and stylish.

Even though this design involves a small number of Hello Kitty decorations, the feline’s vibe is already strong enough from the pink duvet, pillows, carpet and the heart-shaped armchair.

24. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration for Adult

hello kitty bedroom set full

As an adult, you may want to soften your Hello Kitty bedroom. The only way to soften it is to have limited Hello Kitty decoration.

Then, you strengthen the other aspects. This example shows that simple idea can still look interesting. The Hello Kitty vibe in this room is seen from the color choice of the wall. It’s a soft pink with several touches of a darker shade of pink.

Creatively, you can create trims on the wall which resemble Hello Kitty’s famous ribbon. Then, you can put sticker with similar pattern on the wardrobe doors. Isn’t this amazing?

25. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration with Mirror

hello kitty bedroom decoration

This Hello Kitty bedroom idea is suitable for your two daughters who are fanatics of Hello Kitty, but they also want to have a luxurious bedroom without appearing too immature.

The high heel-like soda on the corner is a bonus, while the actual centerpiece is the Hello Kitty queen figure above the beds.

She’s watching over you while you’re sleeping, so you won’t have to worry about anything! If you’re bothered, you can close the view by untying the curtains.


At the end of a long hard day there is nothing better than lying down on fresh bedding and crisp sheets, but how many of us have a conducive interior style in the bedroom? It’s hard to design a bedroom that is stylish yet functional and calming without making it look like a soulless showhome. We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep but do we realise how much the interior can impact this? The LuxPad spoke to design bloggers and interior experts to get their top tips and advice on bedroom styles that will look great and provide you with the relaxing haven that you need. To discover bedroom decorating ideas that are sure to inspire you just click on the bedrooms below…

Glam Bedrooms

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Image courtesy of Oliver Burns

Oliver Burns, Interior Design Studio

The reason I love this bedroom is due to its refined elegance. The simple colour palette makes for a wonderfully calming master bedroom. The classic Ralph Lauren pinstripe walls serve as the perfect backdrop for the stunning navy upholstered bed, with its many layers of cushions and throws creating a hotel-like feel. From the beautiful symmetry presented through every aspect of this room, to the many sumptuous textures, this bedroom reflects the perfect marriage of classic style with distinctive contemporary touches.


Image courtesy of Style Within

Nick Prescott, Style Within

You might associate a boutique bedroom design with a trendy hotel, but you can enjoy sumptuous luxury even in a dated apartment. Here, we upholstered the chaise in a vibrant blue velvet crocodile fabric, toning with teal coloured velvets on the deep-buttoned headboard and runner. Sunset yellow bombé bedside units pick out the gold in the cushions and unify the scheme across the bedroom. A mid-pile Cormar carpet gives a luscious feel underfoot, while fuchsia pink cushions offer a vivid accent. The round concave mirrors were an internet find which we painted marine blue to match the fabrics, adding unique interest to the overall scheme.


Image courtesy of Kerry Bryan Interiors. Photography @PaulBryanTV

Kerry Bryan, Interior Stylist and Designer

I’ve fallen in love with the feel and style of Hygge living; in this room, the client and I wanted to mix contemporary luxury living with a dash of Hygge. So, have kept the colour scheme very neutral, with browns, greys, blush tones and white to create a warm and homely atmosphere. This client dreamed of a very relaxed, yet somewhat tailored appearance, which we feel has been achieved, through the use of many natural textures, the use of clean lines and a minimalistic approach.


Image courtesy of Inventive Interiors. Photography by Michael Jessa.

Margaret Brewczyńska, Inventive Interiors

I totally adore this luxurious, elegant and cosy bedroom designed in contemporary style. It gives you the feeling of relaxation, calmness, and comfort. Soft textures help to de-stress and clear thoughts after a busy day. Clean lines and uncluttered surfaces will bring your mind in order. You may achieve this look using soothing, neutral colours together with warm, pleasant to the touch materials and rich textures. Plenty of pillows and cushions on the bed and a throw will give extra cosiness to your bedroom. After adding a few pools of soft deemed light and lighting candles with a pleasant scent, you definitely won’t want to leave your hideaway.


Image courtesy of Organise My House

Chrissy Halton,
Interior Blogger and Home Stylist

I love using deep colours on the wall in a bedroom as it makes the room immediately feel cosy and relaxing, which makes it peaceful for sleeping. A trick is to balance the deep colours with lots of white – bedding is a perfect example of how to do this, as it makes up a large area in a bedroom (you can also add a touch of colour with throws and/or cushions). White window treatments work great as well (shutters in particular). In terms of furniture, you could blend the deep colour of the wall and match with the furniture or go pale so it is more noticeable – both work really well.


Image courtesy of Amersham Designs

Melanie Bastin, Amersham Designs

To me, the perfect bedroom scheme has to be warm, welcoming and the kind of setting where you can imagine yourself curling up in bed and snuggling down. I love this guest bedroom scheme that we designed for a client’s penthouse; it ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a cosy scheme that oozes glamour.

The use of darker tones on the walls creates instant depth, in particular, wall coverings rather than paint helps to create a more cosy feel, such as this gorgeous grasscloth paper. Layering textures and patterns within a scheme also helps to create that warm enveloping vibe, think gorgeous velvets teamed with satins, luxe faux furs and textured linens.

To complete your perfect sultry bedroom scheme, choose a colour palette of warm hues, highlighted with golds, bronzes and antique brass finishes on decorative lighting, furniture and accessories. Yes, it is all about the gold!

Get the glam look

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Changing Sequin Cushion – 40x40cm

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All Saints Round Mirror

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Embroidered Velvet Star Cushion – 50x50cm

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Pernille Cotton Velvet Chair

Contemporary Bedrooms


Image courtesy of Gina Everett

Gina Everett, Create Perfect

When designing a bedroom, it is especially important for me that we add some natural elements. Whether that’s in the form of the more standard greenery, planting and wooden floorboards or something a little different like the clever use of plywood for a headboard and refurbishing some old crates for storage. By adding these elements, the room takes on a tranquil and relaxing vibe. Studies have shown this can actually reduce the heart rate and pulse making for a more pleasant environment to rest – perfect for retreating from a busy day.


Image courtesy of Sara Slade Interiors. Photography by Jonathan Bond

Sara Slade, Interior Designer

We were lucky to be asked to design this guest bedroom, flooded with natural light due to its large windows, and it was the perfect blank canvas. Being a modern build, we worked to build up the textures to avoid the room looking too flat. One of the tricks we like to use in these contemporary developments is running the curtains wall-to-wall; being the full ceiling height, not only does this make the room cosier, but completely opens the room up.

Feature walls are not something we tend to specify, but in this case, the origami effect wallpaper worked so well to avoid the room appearing too boxy. The final piece to finish things off is a large feature ceiling light, it is so important to upscale such items to make the most of the space.


Image courtesy of 1st Option

Lorna Higgins, LJH Interior Design

The secret bedroom! On first glance, one could mistake this room as a study. The floating glass desk and floating Muirhead leather raspberry chair with matching footstool overlooking the magnificent views of London. If you look closely the bespoke library gains in depth with your eye line almost taking you towards the view. Hidden behind the raspberry wall feature framed in dark walnut is a comfortable double bed with hidden lighting. The walls are white and the flooring is slate tiles, the black and white frame of the room allow the colour to add drama. Practical and beautiful!


Photography by Thomas Kuoh

Jennifer Jones, Niche Interiors

I love the soft, muted palette of this master retreat. Cool greys and ivory are well-suited for the bedroom – a space that should feel calm and restful. The mix of textural fabrics and nubby wool rug create a warm, layered space that still feels contemporary and tailored.

Get the contemporary look

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Noko Seagrass Round Basket

Product Image

Chains Pendant Ceiling Light – Black

Product Image

DLM Side Table

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Timmy Throw – 130x190cm

Colourful Bedrooms

Jo Thornhill

Photography by James Gardiner

Joanna Thornhill, Interior Designer

On paper, this room shouldn’t be lovely at all – tiny, with barely any room for even a bed, and crammed with bright colours and clashing patterns. But in reality, this space, which I shot for my book Home for Now, is actually one of my favourite bedrooms I’ve ever worked in. This gorgeous sea green hue breathes life into this bijou space, whilst ingenious storage ideas, such as using a wall-mounted telephone table instead of a bedside unit, and hanging storage pockets on the wall, make best use of the available space. It proves that if you have courage in your design convictions, you can make anything work, whatever the challenge.

colourful bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Geraldine Tan

Geraldine Tan, Interior Blogger

This children’s bedroom is my 8-year-old son’s room, styled and photographed by myself. It’s a modern Breton themed bedroom. I styled this bedroom in the autumn to bring a fresh, bright and happy feel to the room. I made sure that a cosy feel is maintained, with the soft throw on the bed for bedtime tucking in and the cushion for casual lounging. Everything is positioned conveniently, such as the comforting bedside light, an accessible bedside table for his drink and storage below his table for toys. Next to his bed is a laundry bag which encourages tidiness. To the right of his bed is a large shelf of favourite books, recently converted to his workspace. To the left of his bed is an empty area for running around with friends.


Image courtesy of Cat Dal Interiors

Cat Dal, Interior Designer

This is a gorgeous example of a modern bohemian loft bedroom, achieving a relaxed and simple yet cosy atmosphere. I love the calming green walls and watercolour artwork which create a sense of calm, contrasted against the textured printed tapestry hanging over the headboard. Colour in the bedroom is such a brilliant way to create a positive, uplifting feeling every morning to wake up to. Natural fabrics such as linen add to the bohemian vibe, and the Scandi minimal table lamps perfectly finish off the crisp, clean, totally inviting environment.


Image courtesy of Kia Designs

Kia Stanford, Interior Designer

I love this luxurious bedroom designed for a colour blind client. The careful mix of pattern and texture maximises the visual impact he gets from it, without being overwhelming for anyone else. It’s a large, bright space that could take a lot of colour without looking busy, and can easily absorb big pieces (the bed is actually a super king). The walk-in wardrobe has a to-die-for amount of storage in addition to the three massive wardrobes alongside the bed, which allows for everything to be put away and hidden so that you can enjoy the bright colours and still have a tranquil space to escape to. Deep jewel tones, such as the turquoise Porta Romana Thread lamps, and matt metallics allow the scheme to be both rich and restful. The style is very much that of a small boutique hotel – creative and encouraging. It’s not a room you go to unwind and declutter your mind – it’s an exciting destination in itself. Every texture is interesting, inviting and playful. The Stark carpet is wonderfully soft under food, and the silk bed throw from Soak and Sleep has a luxurious and subtle sheen to it.


Image courtesy of Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

Lauren Gilberthorpe, Interior Designer

For me, symmetry is a really effective feature in bedroom designs. We used these matching bedside tables and lamps to create a sense of balance which work perfectly to ground what is quite a bold and colourful room. I always go for a really crisp clean white bed linen, it automatically makes a space feel more elegant and provides the perfect foundation for colourful soft furnishings. Finally, texture is always an important consideration. In the above bedroom, the mixture of wooden and metallic finishes create contrast in the room whilst also making it feel more contemporary. Layering texture is essential in any scheme but I would say even more so in a neutral bedroom scheme where texture adds depth and dimension.


Image courtesy of Coral Interiors / SHR Photography

Helen Winter, Coral Interiors

This master bedroom in a grand, light-filled house in Dorchester has lofty ceilings and huge sash windows. We reinstated the cornice and picture rail to balance out the scale of the room and visually lower the ceiling. The owners were initially nervous moving from magnolia to indigo blue walls, but Farrrow and Ball ‘Pitch Blue’ in this south facing room adds depth and drama. The rich blue is punctuated with the warm mustard of the tall bedside lamps and accessories, and the geometric embroidered curtains keep the large windows from over-powering the space.


Image courtesy of Thompson Clarke

Sara Thompson, Thompson Clarke

At Thompson Clarke, we love to balance colour and pattern with classic tones and designs which is exactly what you can see here – take the pink ikat cushions on the crisp white bed linen with its pink piping, and then the multi-coloured rug which works beautifully set against the neutral wall colour. This bedroom is flooded with light so we wanted to keep it bright and fresh with pops of colour, but also make it super comfortable and inviting. A good mantra when it comes to interior design is, ‘nothing should match – beautiful things always go together’ – that’s my rule of thumb.


Interior design by Emma Gurner, Folds. Photography by Frenchie Christogatin

Eva Sonaike, Interior Blogger

I absolutely love this loft bedroom by Emma Gurner, as it is cosy and welcoming, but contemporary and minimalist at the same time. I like the colour scheme of dark blue and pink, which is very feminine and the wooden built-in wardrobes give the rooms a masculine edge, so it speaks to both men and women. The pink lampshade with the copper base is a show stopper and I can imagine it gives the room a warm and cosy feel I the dark.

colourful bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Heart Home Magazine

David White & Mark Russell, Interior Bloggers

We love this look because of the fresh take on what could potentially be a period interior. The yellow wall brings it bang up-to-date, freshening the space and bringing the whole room to life. The antique touches of mismatched frames, the oversized wooden bed, stripped back floorboards and the old chandelier contrast perfectly with the statement wall giving it oodles of character. The picture rail breaks up the room giving it plenty of height but the patchwork quilt, rug and cushions keep the room cosy.

girly bedroom ideas

Image Courtesy of Warehouse Home magazine; styling by Carole Poirot; photography by Charlie Surbey

Sophie Bush, Editor, Warehouse Home

This beautiful soft industrial bedroom featured on the cover of the launch issue of Warehouse Home magazine – and it’s proved very popular ever since! The original features of a warehouse conversion, such as exposed brickwork, can often feel ‘hard’ and ‘masculine’. Old and new steel furniture is especially striking in such spaces but can also feel cold. When styling the Warehouse Home bedroom (above), we wanted to prove that industrial chic can have a softer side. A bespoke galvanised steel pipe bed, designed exclusively for Warehouse Home by Urban Grain, was the focal point of our warehouse bedroom. And beside it, a vintage industrial bedside cabinet. We then used a ‘masculine and feminine’ palette of greys and blush pinks and a variety of textured fabrics (linen, tweed, velvet), to bring warmth to our bedroom and soften the industrial look. Select vintage accessories complemented the warehouse conversion’s heritage features, while flowers and decorative vintage glassware further enhanced the ‘femininity’ of the space.

Add some colour to your bedroom

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Pinocchio Round Rug – Multicolour

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Splatter Duvet Set

Minimalist Bedrooms


Image courtesy of Amara

Elena Jackson, Interior Designer

The look of the spare bedroom, if you are lucky enough to have one, is often neglected. However, it is very important to get right so that guests feel both welcome and appreciated. I love this look, especially during springtime as it’s so fresh and seasonal. The monochromatic white base palette is broken up by the green and subtly complemented by the texture of the throw and cushion. The plants, the soft curve of the wall/ceiling and the wooden beam give this shabby chic corner a botanical look, while the metallic frames and gold touch in the lamp and bedside table legs add a touch of sophistication. Artificial plants nowadays are amazingly realistic so I would probably just add natural garden flowers on the bedside table to keep maintenance to a minimum.


Image courtesy of Ineko Home

Debi Avery, Ineko Home

Nothing surpasses the tranquillity of seeing your warm, cosy bed after a long day. With your bedroom being the haven for calming relaxation, we aim to heighten these emotions through our complementing interior choices. Here we tailored pastel colours, delicate prints and soft lighting to orchestrate the perfect ambience to help you unwind. To us, the smallest details are essential. Carefully balanced colour hues across selected prints are revisited in our chunky knit. A blissful interior harmony that will ease your mind and leave you to falling in love with your very own haven time and time again.


Image courtesy of Extravagauza

Joanna Gauza, Interior Designer

It is hard to say how many times in my life I have heard the ‘no bed next to a window’ rule. It’s definitely more than a few. Fortunately, rules are made to be broken. If your bedroom is extraordinarily small, you might have limited options on where you place your bed. You can always find a way to put a bed in front of a window and make it look more awesome than awkward, and here we have one example. Thanks to the curtains which frame the window perfectly and the fact they go from wall to wall, the design achieves a luxurious and purposeful look. Symmetry is key here, as the bed lines up with the window in a pleasing, balanced way. The top of the headboard is perfectly in line with the window sill and is not obscuring the window. A calming palette of colours creates a cosy space with a seductive feel.


Image courtesy of Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson, Interior Blogger

Far from stark and uninspiring, stripped back wooden floors and plain white walls are the epitome of classic Scandinavian interior design. A personal favourite of mine, there is nothing more relaxing than natural light, contrasting textures and a hint of colour popping through in features such as wall art and cushions. Simple changes make this interior’s style easy to achieve – think fur throws thrown over white linen bedding, painted floors with warmth added through sheepskin rugs, a series of monochrome finishes including framed typography prints and industrial elements such as industrial style lighting juxtaposed with untouched wood finishes found throughout.

minimalist bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Avenue Lifestyle

Cate St Hill, Interior Blogger

I love this bedroom for a number of reasons: it just looks so calm, relaxing and welcoming. It belongs to Netherlands-based interior stylist and journalist Holly Marder, who has a fab blog called Avenue Lifestyle. When you see the before images you will realise just how successful this bedroom makeover has been. Before it was dark and decorated in a garish purple and orange, but Holly has transformed it into a calm retreat by painting the floorboards and walls white. I like how the design is asymmetrical, there’s two different bedside tables, two different lamps, and a cluster of framed pictures on just one side, but it still really works, you don’t have to be too rigid and use the same thing on each side, especially when there are two different people in the bed, with two different personalities!


Image courtesy of Extravagauza

Mike Gauza, Interior Designer

How about a minimalist bedroom that will wish you sweet dreams? A bedroom that pleases your senses after a long and busy day. A space that is a balm for the soul of its residents, which creates a sense of sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A Zen space with a subtle extravagant touch in the form of a marble wall which acts as a blank canvas for other features. A focal point in a form of a cosy bed upholstered with a nice, soft fabric enriched with two asymmetric lamps giving the space an unusual and interesting look. There is a large walk-in wardrobe, to the right of the bed, allowing residents to keep the space nice and tidy – perhaps apart from a couple of great books laying around here and there. But who wouldn’t love to lay down on this bed with a good read?


Image courtesy of Jo Chrobak

Jo Chrobak, Interior Designer

This style is perfect for small, inner-city apartment living as well as rentals and short lets – which is what the majority of young professionals are living in these days. The simplicity of white walls and a black floor means that you can add colour with personal items instead of spending lots of money on expensive wall finishes. It also means that matching colours to furniture is less of an issue and things just work together without too much effort. In a small apartment, the bedroom may also double as another space, so it is a really versatile look. The black floor adds warmth to the bright white walls and creates a perception of greater space.


Image courtesy of Hege Morris

Hege Morris, Interior Blogger

This bedroom has the all-important soft white linen sheets, a bit of greenery and a cool poster. I like simple bedrooms that aren’t overly fussy, so to me, this is perfectly peaceful. It’s also very easy to adapt. If you wanted to add trendy pastel colours, for example, you could simply add a soft pink pillowcase or a throw.


Image courtesy of Abi Dare, These Four Walls

Suzzy Smith, Interior Designer

Bedrooms are our sanctuary. They are the place we can unwind, relax, and recharge. In order to do so though, keep the colour palette neutral (to create a ‘blank canvas’ feel), clutter to a minimum and include flexible lighting. Use cushions and throws to layer the look, sit back and relax with a cup of decaf tea and a book which will soon help you drift off.


Image courtesy of Agatha Kruk (@Agatha Kruk)

Agatha Kruk, Interior Blogger

The bedroom is a place you should be able to relax, rest and sleep well. The space, therefore, should be simple, clean and uncluttered. Ban all the unnecessary items and focus on the essentials – comfy pillows, soft bedding, good light for reading, small bedside table to keep your books and water carafe, and a basket for magazines, books or an extra blanket. Create a space where you can rest your eyes and calm your mind – white walls and no busy patterns. Add ing texture by using a variety of fabrics and layers creates a feeling of calm and also the crumpled linen looks very inviting. The only decoration it needs is a single artwork on the wall, fragrant candle of fresh flowers. Beauty is in simplicity.


Image courtesy of Kate Baxter

Kate Baxter, Interior Blogger

I love to create a cool, calm feeling of serenity in the bedroom, with an abundance of natural light, crisp white linens and beautiful bohemian accents. One of the great things about having plain white walls and otherwise neutral decor in the bedroom is the freedom to dress your bed in a range of styles to suit your mood and the changing seasons.

minimalist bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Avenue Lifestyle

Arianna Trapani, Interior Blogger

I love everything about this bedroom. It’s simplicity and minimalistic approach is what’s really appealing. Those white wooden floorboards are just totally divine and make the room so bright and airy. I just love a room that has white walls and flooring because it is the perfect backdrop for adding colourful accessories. For me it also gives a sense of tranquillity. Let’s not forget to mention the hanging light bulb, such a beautiful and simple feature. What I am also lusting after is the clothes rail. Having your clothes out on show gives it a feminine touch to your room and feels very Carrie Bradshaw – just to need to make sure to be super tidy!

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Gibberd Crochet Cushion – 45x45cm

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Alcove Duvet Cover – White

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Eco Braid Rug – 61x91cm

Elegant Bedrooms


Image courtesy of Laura Butler-Madden.

Laura Butler-Madden, Interior Designer

I love this bedroom – it was one of the first I designed and the brief was to create an elegant and serene sanctuary. The soft Cornforth White walls combined with the decadent wallpaper by Tapet Café really do complement one another and create a very soothing mood. The Vogue print adds the perfect ‘pop’ of colour and the large mirror reflects a lot of light into the space. The chandelier by Verner Panton completes the look and adds decadence.


Image courtesy of Maxine Brady

Maxine Brady, Interior Blogger

When decorating my own home, my furniture picks have been dictated by my shoestring budget. This hasn’t stopped me having big ideas for my bedroom. I’ve just had to be style savvy – picking up vintage finds for next to nothing. I always start with soft grey painted walls, then – my tip – is to paint all my furniture in the same colour so they match – helpful when you are dressing your room with higgledy-piggledy junk shop finds. I’m not adverse to modern designs, in fact I think they are key to stopping a budget home looking to retro or fuddy-duddy. That is why I love statement lighting as it brings a modern twist to an eclectic look. The best bit about doing up a vintage home is these purchases don’t break the bank, and with a bit of hard work can look amazing. And if you tire of it, you can sell it and buy something new – this suits me down to the ground as my bedroom style is always changing.


Image courtesy of Finnterior Designer

Pia Orr, Interior Blogger

The bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing rooms in your home. That’s why I prefer a warm, soothing colour palette that helps you to unwind after a long day. I feel that luxurious textiles such as velvet and silk complement warmer tones very well and give it a high-end look without compromising the comfort. I like the rest of the decor quite minimalist though so the room doesn’t look too busy. Simple and chic is the way to go!


Image courtesy of Global Inspirations Design

Simone Aïda Baur, Global Inspirations Design

When it comes to bedroom design I truly believe in ‘Less is More’. We spend an average of 6 – 8 hours each day in our bedroom and it is where we recharge our batteries. This is why I think it’s important to keep the bedroom absolutely clutter-free and functional, yet cosy and relaxing.

The inspiration for this bedroom was a tropical Caribbean beach, which to me represents peace and relaxation. I designed this bedroom using clean lines and soothing colours, such as taupe and a soft turquoise. I always recommend cool colours in bedrooms because they create a sense of calm. At the same time, I used warm materials such as wood and fabric, as well as rich textures to create some contrast. Add a few pools of light and you got yourself the perfect recipe for a cosy haven of relaxation.


Image courtesy of Interiors at 58

Sallie Chater, Interior Designer

This bedroom was designed for a client who wanted a room that had the wow factor but was also a relaxing and calming space. We fell in love with this magnificent four-poster bed from ‘And so to bed’ and developed the scheme around it to let it shine! We balanced the glamour of the bed with neutral tones, simple styles and natural textures. The client accessorised the look with her own Moroccan wedding blanket which adds a beautiful rustic contrast to the dramatic bed. We feel it’s a great example of a statement piece, perfectly paired with subtle accessories to create a space that its lucky owner loves!


Image courtesy of Amara

Teresa Hunter, TME Interiors

This colour scheme of is very restful and serene and I love the white floorboards against the soft colour palette. To me, as much as possible should be taken away when styling a bedroom. Lots of space and texture make it feel luxurious. Buy the best quality mattress you can afford and a bed made either of wood or upholstered in restful shades. When it comes to bedding, you can’t beat white and in either Pima, Supima or Egyptian cotton. It’s worth investing in two elegant wall lights and two bedside tables (drawers get stuffed with rubbish). That’s all you need, except a mirror and a chair to throw your clothes on.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Image courtesy of Alina Ghost

Alina Ghost, Interior Blogger

I have a thing for fairytales and so I always seek for that ‘happily ever after’ look in my home. With its tactile textures, warming beige tones and flowing covers, this bedroom is the epitome of a bed that’s fit for a princess and her prince – or me and my fiancé. It’s clear that the main focus of the room is the bed itself and so, as I believe that you can never have enough scatter cushions either, this scene truly is my ideal bedroom.


Image courtesy of Jenny Blanc Interiors


Image courtesy of Jenny Blanc Interiors

Jenny Blanc, Interior Designer

In this elegant room which we designed for a high-profile client, the key pieces are in keeping with traditional Louis XIV style furniture chosen to have a soft distressed finish to complement the beautiful calming aqua, taupe and cream scheme. The variety of fabric chosen was kept to a minimum to allow maximum effect from the main design featuring cherubs and flowers on a linen. To retain the lovely restored wood features around the house, the large rug was designed to leave an exposed border of flooring around the room which tied in with the exposed ceiling beams and the antique decorative accessories. The team lavished style and comfort in this room with a chaise lounge, dressing table and freestanding mirror all chosen for a relaxed bedroom experience.

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Circus Pouf – Grey

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Wall Mirror – Round

Product Image

Lucillo Carver Armchair

Dark Features Bedrooms


Image courtesy of Mike Ahern

Mike Ahern, Interior Stylist

My personal choice of colour palette frequently ebbs towards darker, richer tones, particularly during the winter months, because these tend to evoke a sense of cocooning warmth and comfort. This dark and alluring charcoal-panelled hotel room I recently stayed in creates instant drama, whilst contrasting crisp white bedding elevates the scheme further. I love how such a minimal monochrome scheme can produce maximum impact, whilst allowing calm to permeate the room for some on-point interior design. I was also fascinated how the softening evening light transformed the charcoal paint colour into a dreamy blue-grey before ebbing back towards black again post-dusk. Working away from home isn’t so bad… #lifeofastylist

bold bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Tamara Magel

Nicola Holden, Interior Designer

Bedrooms should be calming and seductive spaces, and this bedroom ticks both those boxes. It has a calming, neutral pallet that is kept interesting through a mix of textures – wooden floors and ceiling, the white-painted brick wall, a sisal rug, a glamorous fur throw, and the marble bedside table. The painted black wall adds another layer of luxury and glamour to this space, but the large, simple artwork keeps it from being too dark. Interest to this monotone colour scheme is also brought in through the architectural style of lighting, and the pattern in the cushions. All in all a perfect combination!


Image courtesy of Interior Therapy

Victoria Nickolls, Interior Designer

Bedroom design is so personal to each individual. This client’s brief was for a ‘Hotel Luxe’ feel bedroom, with a touch of glamour and without being too feminine. Inchyra Blue was used on the walls to create a space that was rich in colour and that worked alongside the dark walnut furniture, matt black and brass hardware. I feel a bed needs to be inviting – simply by adding cushions and throws you add warmth and texture to the room and pull it all together. This has been achieved with the silk throw in a complementary contrasting colour pop. The overall look is luxurious and inviting.

bold bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Alison Gibb. Photography by Douglas Gibb.

Alison Gibb, Interior Blogger

My favourite bedroom has got to be my own. First of all, our ‘Breaking Bad’ style crocheted throw. Doug and I got completely addicted to this piece of TV genius and are convinced it is going to seriously influence Interior Trends for the next decade – the architecture in Albuquerque is so nice: slightly Mexican with a modern ‘edge’. The artwork above the bed is by my husband, Douglas. His work is our pension. The 1980’s style TV in the corner is a reassuring presence, as is the retro gas fire – all perfect for our unique, one-off 1970’s house. The wire shelving racks are the perfect place to put books, phones and our industrial style inspection lamps.


Photography of V&A Paint by The Paint Makers via www.thepaintmakers.co.uk

Sim Barker, Interior Designer and Design Teacher

As an interior design teacher, I spend a lot of my time telling students to relax and allow themselves to play more as they design rooms. This is especially important when it comes to decorating bedrooms. An average adult bedroom is by far the most private room in a family home and offers a safe haven for grown-ups who might have kids, pets, friends and neighbours nipping in and out of the rest of the house.

This allows us to do whatever we like without worrying about other people’s potential negative reactions. When you think about decorating your bedroom and want to create a cosy nook that might not reflect the latest fashion – that’s great. Want to try an unusual colour? Go for it; if you have an idea that’s a bit left field and don’t know which room to try it in – your bedroom is the safest room to let rip with your wildest ideas.


Image courtesy of The Manser Practice. Photography Jim Stephenson @clickclickjim

Rob Owen, The Manser Practice

We designed this master bedroom to be a calming yet elegant bedroom to escape the hustle and bustle of life in central London. The gentle blend of soft grey, pastel yellow and deep blue as well as the nautical yet simple artwork reference the maritime history of Greenwich in South-East London. We used soothing dark blue and subtly textured fabrics to make an atmospheric bedroom but also ensure a great night’s sleep!

dark bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Phoebe Oldrey

Phoebe Oldrey, Smartstyle Interiors

Don’t be afraid of the dark! Dark colours have become really cool in interiors and bedrooms are amazing spaces to use them. This dark blue creates a really dramatic space and draws your eye to the crisp white linen and the light of the window.

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Soft Mohair Velvet Cushion – 45x45cm

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Alcove Duvet Cover – Navy

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Lunar Rug – Amethyst

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Must Relax Virgin Wool Blanket – 130x190cm

Classic Bedrooms

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Image courtesy of Devas Designs

Philippa Devas, Interior Designer

This townhouse was designed for a collector and we wanted to ensure that every room particularly the bedroom remained elegant and classic while providing a backdrop for the magnificent collection of works of art and antiques. The antique carpet provided us with the initial inspiration for the colour scheme of the bedroom; we chose to echo its green tones throughout the room from the walls to details and furnishings like the cushions. During the initial design stages, we find it interesting to focus on one key piece and use its colours, look and feel as a starting point for inspiration – this could be anything from a statement painting to an antique rug.

classic bedroom ideas

Image courtesy of Laura Thomas. Photography by Jess Burges

Laura Thomas, Interior Designer

This cottage bedroom at ‘Driftwood’ in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand was a shoot location for Laura Thomas Linens ‘Organic Bed Linen Collection’. A space where time became irrelevant and the busy technological world we live in could be placed on hold. Thecoastal style was uncluttered and the use of straw roller blinds and natural light created an atmosphere of wilderness and calm. The incredible view could be enjoyed from the comfort of the bed. A perfect paradise to wake up to!


Image courtesy of Hugo Fleming

Hugo Fleming, Cranberry Home

I love this bedroom we completed for a client late last year, the inspiration was a Soho Georgian townhouse so we naturally looked for using period Little Greene French Grey teamed with marble, brass and blue accents. We created the panelling by designing sizes to fit the room and create height. The headboard was our real feature which you can get made to any design from a good upholsterer, we complemented this with White Company linen with Royal blue detailing. It’s such a calm and welcoming room with warm accents and the brass touches make it feel that little bit special.


Image courtesy of Susan White, Iggi Interior design. Photography by Patrick Steel

Grant Pierrus, Interior Style Hunter

I love this bedroom designed by interior architect Susan White from Iggi Interior Design. Susan has taken this room and created a tailor-made space for her client’s daughter. Using vogue and other fashion title covers, Susan created this bespoke wallpaper to sit in the alcove, which has lots of shelving to keep special items. A special space for a special young lady.


Image courtesy of Ali Hamilton. Photography by David Parmiter

Ali Hamilton, Interior Designer

Regardless of style and budget, we still all need the same things from a bedroom; calm throughout the seasons and a colour palette to reflect them. A mix of patterns and texture gives a classic contemporary feel, giving you scope to add further or indeed remove according to new finds, or renewed love of old things.

Regardless of the size of your room, the space next to your bed needs a surface, a drawer and a shelf to house what you are reading. A chair to put your clothes on of any size, two if you are sharing! A full-length mirror either on the wall or behind a wardrobe door if space is at premium. Light for reading and more to see properly in the dark of winter. A mixture of old and new always adds softness to this room, your sanctuary. And importantly a blanket for the all-important siesta without disturbing the bed.

Get the classic look

Product Image

Nevis Cushion – 50x50cm

Product Image

Coomba Cushion – T65

Product Image

Mesh Throw

Product Image

Tweed Pouf – 45x30cm

Product Image

Kiku Oxford Pillowcase – Copenhagen Blue

From the colourful to the contemporary and even a hint of classic styles, our experts have provided a wealth of bedroom decorating ideas and inspiration for you to swoon over.


4. 24 Unique Bedroom Decorations and Accessories that Will Make You Feel Cozy

If you look at your bedroom and think that it is just quite not there, sometimes all you need is a little extra decoration. Something as simple as a set of picture frames or a nightstand can help. Or maybe you need to find something unique that matches your other bedroom decorations. It can be hard finding that one thing to go with your style, especially at department stores. Many things from these stores have the thing you need, yet it does not seem to have your personality.

Etsy Bedroom Decoration Ideas

One of the best places you can look at is Etsy. They have a wide selection of bedroom decoration styles that range from French to Thai, simple to complex, big to small, and neutral to colorful. Below is a list of 24 unique bedroom decoration idea that will make you feel at home. Whether it’s a lamp, a bed frame, or a simple picture, it is hard to find something on this list below that stands out from things you will find in other stores. Everything has character, style, and, above all, they are handmade to perfection and quality craftsmanship higher than all the others.

1. White ‘Let’s Stay Home’ Painting

White 'Let's Stay Home' Painting

Perfect for hanging over your bed or anywhere else, this cute piece is 1′ wide and 4′ long. The writing is elegant and readable, and the rustic wood frame has a naturally calming feel to it that makes you feel like you’re in a farmhouse or even a beach house.

2. Ruffled Duvet Cover Bed Linen Set

Ruffled Duvet Cover Bed Linen Set

Available in over half a dozen sizes for several countries, these sheets are timelessly chic. The sophisticated ruffles at the ends of the pillowcases and the edges of the sheet would look gorgeous with the sun shining on them or on a cloudy day. Quality made, it will look great with other bedroom decorations that you have.

3. ‘Hug This’ Pillowcase for Loved Ones

'Hug This' Pillowcase for Loved Ones

This simple yet heartwarming pillowcase is the perfect gift for loved ones who are far away. ‘If you miss me hug this pillow’ in cute, legible writing is spread across the face. Just looking at it makes you think of someone. The soft fabric will help comfort you even more while missing that special person.

4. Reclaimed Wood Box Nightstand on Steel Legs

Reclaimed Wood Box Nightstand on Steel Legs

Solid and rustic is the best way to describe this wonderful piece of furniture. It can be great as a nightstand, end table, or side table in any room. Another piece that is made of reclaimed wood, it adds a natural feel to the room with its color and smooth surface.

5. Wall Mounted Headboard with Attached Lamps

Wall Mounted Headboard with Attached Lamps

Made of all natural wood, in several different finishes, this headboard is incredibly simple to install. The small, cute lamps on each side of the bed give extra lighting to the room, and each light has their own switch. It is not often you can find such a homely ad on to your bed.

6. White Classic Picture Frame Set

White Classic Picture Frame Set

Perfect for any room in the house, these vintage style picture frames fit a variety of photo sizes. Each frame is unique in its own way, whether it is the frame style or the shape. They are sure to hold and accent any family photos, portraits, or any other great picture with a great frame for the years to come.

7. Little PomPom Pillowcase in 12 Colors

Little PomPom Pillowcase in 12 Colors

With a soft and comfortable fabric, these pillowcases will fit with almost any bed set. The subtle yet adorable mini pom poms that border the pillowcase add a little flare and are just as soft to touch. It is another bonus for those who love the planet that they are eco-friendly.

8. Real Hallowed Wooden LED Small Lamp

Real Hallowed Wooden LED Small Lamp

Probably one of the most unique lights that have ever been made, this light is the perfect combination of nature and technology. It is 11.5cm wide, 11cm tall, and half a centimeter thick. In the center of this hallowed out ring is a bright LED light that shines so beautifully against the wood.

9. Watercolor Sun and Moon Paintings

Watercolor Sun and Moon Paintings

These matching paintings have a certain ability to captivate your attention. Simple yet artistic is the best description for them. The sun is so brightly colored, and the dark crescent moon is the perfect contrast to it. You can tell just by looking at it that the artist accounts for every single stroke of the brush.

10. Yellow LED String Light Curtain

Yellow LED String Light Curtain

Favored by many, these curtain-styled lights have been growing in popularity. These glow with a warm yellow that makes the room pop and is easy on the eyes. One set has 10 strands, perfect for a single wall accent in the bedroom, even more so when under a thin see-through curtain. It feels like there are fireflies on the wall.

11. Dandelion Canvas Printed Gray-backed Wall Art

Dandelion Canvas Printed Gray-backed Wall Art

This three piece set of dandelion pictures look as intricate as snowflakes. The grey back is ideal for a neutral colored room but can come in over several dozen other colors. Looking at them makes you want to close your eyes, make a wish, and try to blow them out. You will feel like a kid again.

12. Customizable ‘Better Together’ Multipurpose Pillow

Customizable 'Better Together' Multipurpose Pillow

Available in many colors, you can get this cute message pillow for that special someone and or yourself. It can be a cute addition to the room or a pretty useful lumbar supporting pillow. Comfortable and meaningful in one pillow that can hold you and your special someone’s name under the message.

13. Elegant Long-ruffled Classic Bed Cover

Elegant Long-ruffled Classic Bed Cover

This is for everyone out there who love big, old-style ruffles, especially on beds. While using this bed cover, it feels like you are an elegant royal in the bedchambers of a castle. Whether it is the white, oatmeal, or flax color, you cannot help but fall in love with how this classic bed cover stands out.

14. Paper Origami Lampshade and Wooden Base

Paper Origami Lampshade and Wooden Base

This intricate and functional lamp stands out in the room, especially when it is on. If you love unusual and rare finds, then this is a treasure that you will love. It attracts all eyes even when it is not on. The cord appears to hang the light from the base almost like a mini chandelier.

15. Regal Damask Pink Duvet Cover

Regal Damask Pink Duvet Cover

These patterns are so intricate and fluid that they make the whole bed stand out in the room. The colors they come in, grey, navy blue, and burgundy blend into the room, making the patterns that much more visible. It makes you want to crawl under this thick, warm blanket and dream the day away.

16. French-styled Lace-bordered Pillowcases with Buttons

French-styled Lace-bordered Pillowcases with Buttons

These classy french-styled pillowcases make you feel like you are waking up in old Paris. If you have a ruffled bed set, they would match insanely well. The fabric is so smooth and soft, and the buttons at the ends are such a cute and different touch. They are also available in several, neutral colors.

17. Brown Vintage Country Burlap Bed Skirt

Brown Vintage Country Burlap Bed Skirt

This country-style bed skirt looks amazing inside any house, having such a rustic and comforting feeling to it. The color subtly accents the bed as well as the rest of the room. It doesn’t have to be in a rustic-style room either. It can look great in a neutral colored bedroom too.

18. LED Elephant-shaped Lamp with Wooden Platform

LED Elephant-shaped Lamp with Wooden Platform

Beautiful no matter what room it is in, this lamp is a rare find. A functioning piece of bedroom decoration is the best way to describe it. The light is a soft glow so it does not hurt to look at, but still adds a small amount of light for mood lighting at night.

19. Hand Carved Thai Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Hand Carved Thai Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Four pieces are put together at home that makes this exotic headboard. Available in over dozen different colors, there isn’t a room this would not look good in. Each and every piece is given such attention to detail that the feelings are visible in every curve. Depending on the color, it can look classy, natural, rustic, but it’s always eye-popping.

20. Download and Print ‘But Sleep First’ Picture

Download and Print 'But Sleep First' Picture

This is an extremely convenient buy. In less than a few minutes, you could have a cute and funny message in a picture frame of your choice. It is even great as a gift since it can be personalized, making it more from the heart. The font looks adorable and detailed enough to look like a painting.

21. Super Soft Personalized Baby Blanket

Super Soft Personalized Baby Blanket

This is another great customizable item for the bedroom. This one is for a bouncing bundle of joy. Whether it is for your own special gift or someone else’s this blanket can be extremely personal. From over a dozen colors to chose from, to the font, to the number of names on the blanket, there are many choices.

22. Multicolored Paper Dahlia Wall Art

Multicolored Paper Dahlia Wall Art

This is a wonderful example of hard work at its finest. When on the wall, it almost looks like a mural. The yellow center blends so well into the purple outer ring. Depending on the color schemes in the room, it can either blend discretely or it can pop out by itself.

23. White Ruffled Burlap Decor Pillow Covers

White Ruffled Burlap Decor Pillow Covers

Another cute and french-styled bedroom decoration, these pillow covers can be used with sheets and/or blankets on a bed or a couch to make it feel more like Paris. Like others on this list, these pillow covers have such a simple yet elegant and warm yet refined feel to them.

24. Large Modern Metal Flower Wall Decoration

Large Modern Metal Flower Wall Decoration

Available in over a dozen colors, this metal flower has a sort of simple mandala type of design, especially with a smaller flower in the center of the piece. The fact that it is 21 inches wide and long will almost guarantee any guests to see it and give their compliments.

If you have an empty room, want a brand new style, or maybe you just want to buy a few things, then you probably noticed that several of these items went great together. The French bed pieces, the picture frames and pictures, and even the damask duvet cover and the metal flower, all of these could be matched together for a brand new style in the bedroom. The possibilities are vast when it comes to this list. Plus, if you only liked one thing, that is one more thing that will certainly add to the warm and calming energy that your room has.


5. Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Ideas and inspiration for bedroom decorations
Bedroom Wallpaper

Your bedroom’s decorations should reflect you as a person: what are your favourite colours? What are your hobbies? What makes you feel relaxed? Your decorations are what will make your room feel lived in and complete, though for the sake of appearances they will need to complement the materials, colours and patterns you have chosen elsewhere.

‘Decoration’ is a term that has a lot of potential. What are you considering in terms of, say, quilt covers? How about cushions? It can also apply to wall art, accent lighting, knick knacks for a shelf, your choice of headboard and so on. Because what constitutes a ‘decoration’ is so loose, there is a chance to really show some creativity when choosing new features to suit you.

Remember to look online for inspiration; there is a huge amount of free material that can help you make your own choices. If you would be interested in sourcing ideas from elsewhere, you may benefit from a consultation with an interior designer.


Choosing Bedroom Decorations

Consider your entire design when choosing bedroom decorations. They will need to complement your choices elsewhere, so think of each feature’s colours, materials and theme. You could simply continue your current colour scheme with the addition of a few coloured pillow cases and a rug, or you could add to a wider theme with some appropriate artwork or statement lighting.

To make sure you have a complete look, try to start thinking about decorations early on. Again, the different aspects of your room’s design should fit together for a complete look. Having said that, you may well find decorations or accessories that you just can’t live without down the line. The solution is not to be too stringent – choose a simple colour scheme or theme and stick to it, without limiting yourself early on much with too specific a plan.


Bedroom Accessory Ideas

Accessories can add a great deal of character to a room. They remind you of who a bedroom belongs to, so start by thinking personally. Do you own any photos, figures or other knick knacks that you would like to have in your new bedroom? You may decide to give them pride of place on an illuminated shelf, or you might want to choose an eye catching decorative wall frame to prominently display your favourite piece.

Look at your walls and floors: any empty space is an opportunity to add accessories. You could choose a rug for your floor, coloured in line with your room’s theming. A regal or natural themed room could be improved with a fur or hide mat! Your walls can provide space for hanging photos, art or statement lights, but with floating shelving you can also create more space for displaying your favourite items or books.

There is no real ‘right’ answer for what a bedroom accessory is, so be creative! You would be surprised where character can come from. The look of a period style bedroom might seem more believable with some decorative plates on the walls or some era-appropriate knick knacks from a local antique store.


Luxury Bedroom Decoration Ideas

For all aspects of a bedroom there are options for creating an air of luxury. You may choose soft and luxurious flock wallpaper, matched against hardwood floors and beautiful mahogany furniture. Even within a specific theme it is possible to source luxury options; speak to a furniture specialist if you need help.

One of the biggest signs of luxury is a bespoke design. You could speak with a carpenterabout creating, say, a customised full-wall storage unit or a carved headboard. Alternatively a skilled painter could create a bespoke mural for a statement wall.

Remember, the bedroom is about relaxing in a place customised to suit you; luxury doesn’t have to be aesthetic. Instead of making a room seem blatantly luxurious, you could instead invest in a wonderfully inviting bed frame with a goose-feather mattress, accented with beautiful silk sheets.


6. Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

Every girl, regardless of her age, loves grooming herself. Girls love taking care of themselves in all aspects; appearance, health, and even they take care of their own stuff, keeping them neat and always clean. In order for a girl to do all of those things, she needs her very own little world where she can be herself, detaching herself from everyday’s hectic responsibilities, and finding a place where she can work on beautifying herself. Girls usually find this kind of privacy in their own rooms, and since a lot of girls are a bit picky and neat when it comes to their stuff, they probably need a room that pretty much match their personalities. If you are one of those girls, we brought to you a list of decoration ideas that you might like using in your bedroom. Check them out.

1Dalmatian Theme

Dalmatian-Theme1 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Dalmatian-Theme3 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018


Dalmatian-Theme4 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Dalmatian-Theme5 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Dalmatian-Theme6 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

Your room does not have to all pink, or Barbie-themed, because you are a girl. Today’s girls are different, and they choose rooms according to their preferences and personalities. If your room is already well designed and you love your walls colors, then you can update the room’s overall design by only adding the theme of Dalmatians. All you are going to need is to get a white curtain garnished with black spots and match the blanket as well as the carpet. You are going to have a beautiful Marrakech-themed room.

2The Effect Of Shelvings

The-Effect-Of-Shelvings1 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018The-Effect-Of-Shelvings2 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
The-Effect-Of-Shelvings3 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
The-Effect-Of-Shelvings4 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
The-Effect-Of-Shelvings5 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
The-Effect-Of-Shelvings6 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

You can create a great view by adding several shelves to your wall, and avoid making them all aligned to each other and equal in size, instead, add a large one and then several smaller ones above. That would help create a nice view to your walls, especially if they are colored. These shelves will also give you a nice space on which you can organize your books, artwork, and little girly stuff.

3Adult Edge

Adult-Edge1 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Adult-Edge3 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Adult-Edge4 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Adult-Edge5 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Adult-Edge6 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Adult-Edge23 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

If you are a kind of girly girl, and you love to have your room dominated in pink, but don’t want it to look childish you can add an adult edge by having your focal wall in darker colors and then provide your room with pink stuff . That will give you the pinkish domination you want in your room, and it will not look childish at the same time, so you get the best of both worlds.

4Elegant Accessories

Elegant-Accessories1 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Elegant-Accessories2 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Elegant-Accessories3 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Elegant-Accessories4 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Elegant-Accessories5 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
Elegant-Accessories6 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

You can have a room that suits you during childhood and all the way up through your teenage years and adulthood, and that is by having a color for your walls that look mature as well as adorable. Then brush up your room’s design by adding elegant accessories such as grown-up lamps or pendants.

5A Corner For Assignments

A-Corner-For-Assignments1 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
A-Corner-For-Assignments2 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
A-Corner-For-Assignments3 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
A-Corner-For-Assignments4 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
A-Corner-For-Assignments5 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018
A-Corner-For-Assignments6 Top 5 Girls’ Bedroom Decoration Ideas in 2018

Here is a unique decoration idea for your room; place your desk and chair in front of a window and hang some colorful curtains around your little in-room getaway. Preferably, add some drawers and cabinets, so you can keep your things tucked away. You can use this corner to get over with your assignments and homework.